Top 3 Driving Schools In Dubai


Driving is one of the essential skills. Knowing how to drive will be worth it in any emergency
or difficulty because sometimes it’s a matter of life and death.
If someone owns a car and does not drive, it would be shameful, and it’s a point of
embarrassment for him. And if you are a resident of Dubai, you must have driving skills. For
people who are looking for the best driving school in Dubai, this suggestion is for you.
There are three types of packages starting with 10 hours, 15 hours, and 20 hours. You can
select according to your need. The driving services include courses on sand driving, heavy
truck driving, corporate training, and more. If you need to become more familiar with any of
them, check it out. Here are the top 5 driving schools of Safe Driver Dubai Monthly.
Belhasa Driving Center
Belhasa driving center is a well-known and popular driving school in Dubai. It earns
significance by their excellence, experience, and their trustworthiness. Belhasa’s driving
journey consists of more than 20 years. It is one of the top-rated and recommended driving
centers. Belhasa driving center offers three courses priced at AED 2400, 1800, and 1200 for
20,15, and 10 hours of schooling. They will give you a discount if you are a school, college
and university student. Lastly, if you want to join a cheap and best driving center, you must
visit it.
Al Ahli Driving Center
Al Ahli is another best driving center, with more than 10 branches across Dubai. They serve
you with a massive variety of training centers. Also, their learning strategy is different, which
makes driving more enjoyable. They issue you a license which the government verifies. Al
Ahil charges AED 2310 for 20 hours of driving classes. Al Ahli gives you the services of
vehicle training, four-wheelers, heavy trucks, forklifts, etc. Getting your driving license
through Al Ahil center helps put you to fly higher without any documentation stress. Al Ahli
institute is one of the finest trustworthy institutes.
Bin Yaber Driving Institute
Bin Yaber is a well-known driving institute that generates professional and skilled full-trained.
They have up to 500 professional students learning driving skills and knowing about their
vehicles scientifically. Also, they give Safe driving courses to reduce the risk of accidents
and help to be a safe and perfect driver. Bn Yaber driving center charges AED 470 for 10
hours. They prove the services include motor vehicle training, heavy truck training,
4-wheelers, etc. This institute makes you a perfect and skillful driver that gathers all the
professional skills you may need in the future.
Sum Up
Here are the top 3 driving institutes of Dubai that their trainers highly recommend. However,
if you want the cheapest and best driving centers in Dubai, you must contact Safe Driver
Dubai Monthly. It will surely be helpful for you and gives the best suggestion to help you
find the best driving institute in Dubai.