Top 5 Advantages Of Choosing Wire Binding For Your Projects

Wire Binding

While you are planning to print books, magazines, catalogs, and other documents with multiple pages; then ultimately you need to decide what kind of binding will be ideal for your project. The professional and stylish binding matters a lot, it gives a special feel to your readers and makes it flip & fold up perfectly. 

Coil binding and wire binding are the most demanded inventories by professional printers. However, wire binding has more advantages. Let’s know in detail what is special about wire binding.

What is Exactly Wire Binding

Wire binding is also known as wire o binding, it is a process of binding pages together by punching them into holes and knot with wire to give all bunches of pages a book appeal. All the process is done with care by a professional on a wire binding machine. 

How Is Wire Binding Different From Coil Binding

Wire binding is more durable than coil binding; it stays put and protects documents better than coil binding. The plastic coil spine broke with time, and sometimes the crimped end can damage the pages. There are differences in the materials used as well as the machines used for each binding process. 

5 Benefits of Wire O Binding

After understanding everything about wire binding, you should also know what special benefits it gives your project compared to other binding processes.

  • Deliver a Durable Binding Solution

Most people mistakenly assume spiral or coil as wire binding, but it completely differs from them. It gives more durability as compared to others. The metal filament binds with a double loop and allows an unbroken binding experience. Due to their material type differences, dedicated metal and coil binding machine options are available in the market. 

  • Deliver a Professional Touch to Any Document

Wire o double loop produces a stylish appeal to every document. It looks clean and when bonded with a proper cover, it produces an that can easily impress anyone. With the help of the unique binding color option, you can perfectly categorize your document accordingly. Metallic binding makes every document appealing and gives them a professional touch.    

  • 360-Degree Flip

The metallic wire binding gives readers convenient access when flipping the page at a 360-degree angle. It doesn’t create a bulky space at the edges like other binding methods do. It produces a flawless experience for the book reader. The 360 Degree flip makes your document easy to flip and fold that gives a seamless experience to readers.   

  • Protect Document Perfectly

The wire o binding gives complete protection to any document. Strong binding doesn’t allow it to lose its grip and saves the document from any kind of damage. You can add up an extra cover to give a more secure environment to pages from any scratches.

  • Pages Flatly Open 

The wire binding aligns every page edge to edge which makes a book more interesting. It lays flat on the surface which gives a smooth experience to the reader. Wire binding gives a practical approach to those documents that have information like diagrams, charts, and infographics that spread from one page to another. It gives a seamless reading experience because it perfectly lays flat on the surface and makes all the information easy to read without any extra effort. 

Final Thoughts

The wire binding is the ultimate choice for those who want to add a professional and appealing factor to their printed materials such as promotional catalogs, books, or magazines. It gives a stylish appearance to any printed material and grabs the attention of the target audience.