Top 5 Gear to Bring On Your Next Camping Trip

camping gear in NZ

Spending a week in the outdoors can be either adventurous or a living nightmare, depending on what all you have packed for the trip. There’s been a high surge in the number of people willing to explore and experience nature. However, planning a successful camping trip is a hectic process that requires one to fix a location and most importantly, pack the essential supplies properly. While one can shop for all supplies from camping stores, knowing what one needs is vital.

Much like any trip and holiday, camping experiences are diverse and differ from one person to another. Every adventurer is different as a person, and they bring in their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and needs. As a result, someone’s list of camping gear in NZ may not be the same as another person who’s probably heading to the same camping location. But, this doesn’t mean that the list will entirely differ from one person to another.

There are certain camping essentials that every camper must include in their gear list regardless of factors like location, weather, terrain conditions, etc. While many undermine the essentiality of these basic camping items, they can actually mean the difference between a fun and not-so-pleasant experience.

So, if you are wondering what these basic camping essentials are, we have you covered. The following discussed are the top 5 camping gear that are requisites for a fun and comfortable camping experience.

#1 Tents/Gazebos 

Nights in the outdoors can be chilly and dewy.; therefore, one must have proper shelter to shield themselves and remain protected throughout the night. Even for campers who prefer to sleep under the stars, it’s always important to have an emergency shelter in case of midnight rain, sudden deluge, etc. Also, having a sturdy shelter assures that all your belongings are safe and in one place.

#2 Sleeping bags

Sleeping outdoors sounds fun but it can be highly discomforting if one doesn’t have the appropriate essentials. While a tent protects from weather and other outdoor elements, sleeping bags acts as a cushioning surface that allows campers to have a comfortable sleep. Temperatures at night drop drastically, making it really cold and uncomfortable. Hence, carrying a sleeping bag can ensure restful sleep regardless of weather conditions.

#3 First Aid Kit

Needless to say, a well-stocked first-aid kit is a necessity for every camper. Although the chances of encountering serious medical emergencies are very minimal, it never hurts to be prepared beforehand. A long day of adventures and strenuous physical activities can result in cuts, blisters, and bruises. While they are nothing serious, leaving them untreated can increase the chances of infections. So, one must always carry a first aid kit that has basic medical supplies such as antiseptics, bandages, pain relievers, etc.

#4 Weather-suitable clothes

The wardrobe is limited while camping outdoors. Hence, it’s important to pack weather-appropriate clothing that keeps you comfortable and dry throughout. Walking around or sleeping in wet or thick clothes can be extremely unpleasant and make one fall sick easily. Rain or excess dew during the night may require campers to wear something waterproof. On the other hand, campers must wear something light and breathable during sunny days. All in all, weather-suitable clothes should be packed on any camping trip.

#5 Survival kit

As the name suggests, a survival kit consists of all the essential items that one would need to survive during crises and emergencies. While staying outdoors away from urban amenities, even normal emergencies can appear to be traumatic owing to the limited resources available at hand. Hence, to deal with and come out from such situations, it’s best to carry a survival kit along. Survival kits can be either purchased from camping stores or one can make their custom survival kit.

Other than these, a few other items such as toilet paper, pocket knife, fire starter, water bottle, etc. are a must-have for any camping trip. These items are small in size and do not take up much space in the camping bag. This is also why one often misses out on these essentials. So, if you are planning your next camping trip, don’t forget to add these to your gear list.

Final Note

Since every camping trip is different, the list of camping gear in NZ will also be different, depending on the climate, terrain conditions, wildlife, etc. As a result, the camping essential list should be customized accordingly to ensure that you have a good time and stay comfortable throughout the trip.

The above-listed 5 items are typically essential for all campers, be they newbies or seasoned ones. However, there’s always room for more. Don’t limit your gear list to these items; explore the market and you’ll find plenty of items to shop for.