Window Cleaning Tips

Keeping your windows clean is one way to make sure that any room, office or restaurant is looking good at all times. Clients and patrons often get their first impression about you based on what they see through the window, so it is important to give priority on cleaning it.

Similarly, if you want to make your home look its best, then all of the windows in place should receive some TLC. Windows often display more dirt, streaks and smudges than other surfaces, while clean ones can help create an excellent impression for visitors or buyers alike.

Window cleaning is a necessary task. One great trick when keeping up with this routine maintenance task? You should clean both the inside and outside of each individual frame, making sure there are no dirt stains across its surface. 

If you want more window cleaning hacks, below are other window cleaning tips to keep your windows sparkling and make it look like it’s being serviced by a window cleaning in Sydney. Whether you are hosting an open house or just want the satisfaction of knowing that they are clean, these tips will help get rid of any dirt on your windows in no time.

1.  Avoid Direct Sunlight

Sunlight shining through a clean window is beautiful and perfect for bringing natural lighting indoors. Hence, it is crucial to clean your windows regularly.

It is important to prevent any drips or spots dry before wiping them away. These streaks and smudges remain on your window even after cleaning, making it look like you didn’t do a good job of wiping down the glass.

Windows that are left uncovered and unprotected from direct sunlight will often develop streaks or spots on their surface. This can be avoided by scheduling your window cleaning for a cool, overcast day, so you don’t have to worry about rain ruining any newly cleaned surfaces.

2.  Use Effective Cleaners

Window cleaning is a delicate process that should not be taken lightly. The following are some of the best solutions for safely getting your windows sparkling clean:

Start by dropping several drops of mild liquid detergent in the bucket filled with warm water. The film left by the soap on your window can be difficult to remove and may cause bubbling. Wiping down your windows is a tedious task, but once you have made the effort to do so with this soap solution, it will be worth all of that hard work. Once dry, simply fill up 50% water and white vinegar for an extra cleaning boost.

3.  Use Proper Cleaning Technique

The right commercial cleaning techniques can make all the difference. You can find  an extensive range of products to keep your windows sparkling and clean, so you must know which one suits your windows. Basic glass cleaners are for regular maintenance sessions, while specialised formulas are designed just for specific tasks like restoring lustre after rainstorms have damaged it.

  • Multi-Paned Windows

Cleaning windows can be a tedious task, but it is important for the safety and visibility of your home. Make sure you clean all dirty streaks from each pane with a vinegar-water solution before moving onto new areas or spraying more product on those stubborn smudges.

  •  Large Picture Window

If you want to avoid streaks, utilize a squeegee and lint-free cloth. Start at the top corner of your window and wipe down with vinegared water solution before wiping off any excess liquid using an old chamois shirt or towel; be careful not to get it on anything else.

4.  Clean Your Screens

While you are cleaning each window, be sure to wipe down the screens as well. Failing to do so will cause your windows to continue looking dirty even after they have been cleaned using just water and a brush. It is easy enough with some light rinsing, though.

Cleaning your windows is easy with the help of this guide. First, clean off any large debris and dirt utilizing a light brush. Afterward, rinse each piece of screen carefully under running water while drying it carefully afterwards so as not to have droplets on them which could cause streaks.

5.  Prevent Frequent Dirt and Dust Buildup

The way to keep your windows looking clean and sparkling for longer is by spraying them with an anti-static spray. This will prevent any dust from accumulating on the panes of glass, which can dirty up both your window as well as future cleaning efforts if left unchecked.

For those who worry about their windows becoming dirty and clogged with dirt, you can try wiping down the window sill to keep it free from all sorts of particles. This will only help for a little while but should make things easier when cleaning next time around.

  • Ditch the Paper Towels

Paper towels might be a quick way to dry your hands, but they are not so good for lint on surfaces like windows and doors.

If you want truly sparkling windows, get a microfibre cloth or chamois to dry them. Watch out for a newspaper, though. Although it doesn’t leave any marks on your glass and won’t stick at all (in fact, the surface will be cleaner than before), it’s dark news-printy ink may end up staining onto clothes if not handled properly.

  • Alternately, Use a Squeegee

Rubbing the glass with cloths, chamois and newspapers provides windows a static charge. The charge draws in dirt and dust to the glass right after you cleaned it. So, instead, utilise a squeegee to clean off your cleaning liquid. Hold the squeegee blade at a right angle to the glass.

First, start at the top left corner of a pane and pull your squeegee in an S pattern. At its end, wipe off any excess water from the blade with a rag before proceeding down towards the lower right side until the entire surface is dry. Wipe damp edges using a chamois cloth.


If you want to keep your windows and doors sparkling clean, then this is the perfect guide for cleaning them. These tips are so simple that anyone can do them. Happy cleaning!