Top 6 Reasons For Using A Freestanding Gas Fireplace


Since the inception of fireplaces, they have been the focal point of homes in Australia and the rest of the world. Fireplaces serve two purposes: heat the room and be a part of home decor. With the advancement in construction methods and interior design, fireplaces have also evolved. One of the significant changes to fireplaces involves fuel sources. Nowadays, heaters or fireplaces are not restricted to wood burning to create fire and warmth but also use electricity, gas or ethanol as alternative fuel sources. People are turning to gas as a fuel source as it offers more benefits. 

Freestanding gas fireplaces are the preferred option nowadays, and the reasons that make them trendy are explained below:

1. An Array of Styles

Your freestanding gas fireplace gives you another opportunity to complete your home decor. They are available in diverse styles to suit most tastes, including steel and cast iron gas stoves and small hearth mounts, typically installed in front of existing fireplaces. Whether your home has a traditional, modern or contemporary design, you’ll get a freestanding gas fireplace to complete the decor.

2. Heating Performance

Freestanding gas heaters generate a continuous flow of radiant heat through temperature regulators that control the flames’ intensity and size. With more steady heating, it’s easy to keep your home as warm as you want efficiently. Moreover, the heat is dispersed around the room since they are placed away from the walls. Thus, you don’t lose any warmth to the room’s barriers. If you can be tactical about choosing the perfect spot to install your fireplace, you can use one heater to provide warmth to multiple rooms. Thus, you’ll get more from one device than most other heating appliances can give. You can use some gas fireplaces on your patio as well.

3. Venting is Uncomplicated

Though gas fireplaces provide a cleaner burn, they still need some venting. But they are flexible and do not strictly require a vertical venting solution. You can select to vent directly through an external wall if it is more favourable than the roof option. The system consists of specialised metal ducts that draw fresh air from the outside atmosphere to feed the fire. After burning, all the exhaust passes through a different chamber. As the whole setup is appropriately sealed, less heat is lost while the resultant emissions are channelled away efficiently.

4. Installation is Easy

Setting up a freestanding fireplace can be a simple installation process. A professional can perform a full install quickly. A professional installer can add all the necessary features without performing any extra construction. Unlike wood heaters, freestanding gas fireplaces require minimal clearances from combustible objects to stay within safe operational limits. Subsequently, you can position your fireplace near a wall if no other place is available – in this setup, the vent ducts will be directed through the top side and then released from the closest exterior wall.

5. Loaded with Innovative Features

Recent modern fireplace models can imitate a traditional wood fire closely. The effect can be so real that you can easily fool an unsuspecting observer into believing it is a natural wood fire. You can also choose other features for your freestanding gas fireplaces, which are as follows:

  • A thermostat keeps track of the room’s temperature and adjusts the heating level accordingly.
  • Circulating fans for more distributed and effective heating.
  • Search for fireplaces that facilitate you to control the fans.
  • Large flame variability where you can adjust the flame to your desired levels for comfortable temperature regulation. 
  • Remote control to operate with ease.

6. Completely Hassle Free

Installing gas fireplaces is easy and requires very little maintenance. Below benefits make gas fireplaces completely hassle-free:

  • Effortless operation makes it more convenient.
  • No need to worry about dirt, ash or soot.
  • Constant supervision is not required as you don’t have to tend the fire.
  • Lesser emissions.
  • Quick start-up.
  • More energy efficient.

Final Words

Now that you have all the information about a freestanding gas fireplace, are you thinking of installing a freestanding gas fireplace for your home? Consulting a fireplace professional near you will help you make a perfect choice that best suits your needs.