Top 9 Astrological Remedies for Childbirth


Your Birth Horoscope has the solution to the childbirth related problems of your life

A new-born baby is a fresh lease of life that every couple wishes to bring into this world. In fact, childbirth is the most anticipated event in the life of a woman, particularly after her marriage.

However, not all the couples are blessed with the little bundle of joy that they so deeply desire for. If you are a couple struggling to have a child of your own then immediately consult with a Vedic Astrologer in Delhi and get to know powerful & result oriented astrological remedies that could help you in welcoming a new-born baby in your life!

Timing of Childbirth Astrology

Since we are discussing the event of Childbirth in Astrology, the biggest and the most obvious question that comes to everyone’s mind is: “It is possible to time the event of child birth in the lives of a couple?”

Well, this is precisely the fundamental purpose of Astrology. The Birth Horoscope of a native holds all the details about the various aspects of his/her life as signified by the planets.

Childbirth Prediction by Date of Birth

Through one’s date of birth along with other birth details, a Kundli of the individual is constructed which thereupon, is analyzed to decipher what different planets signify for various aspects of that individual’s life (including child birth).

If you are facing troubles/delay in childbirth, then consult with a Vedic Astrologer in Delhi and know what the planets are signifying for the event of childbirth in your life. Also, get to know powerful & result oriented remedies to ward off the negative karmic effects that are causing the troubles in the first place.

Childbirth Prediction in Kundli

Your Kundli is a reflection of the will of planets for you, based on your past life karmas. It takes a lot of experience on the part of an Astrologer to successfully decode the event of childbirth in a person’s life or more so, in the lives of a couple. This is simply because there are so many astrological permutations & combinations involved in coming to a definitive conclusion with respect to predicting a complicated event such as childbirth.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get your Kundli carefully examined by a seasoned & experienced Astrologer when it comes to getting a proper prediction for childbirth in your life.

Pooja you should do to get pregnant

A pooja is essentially a practice that helps us get the blessings of certain deities who are invoked by means of specific mantras and scared rituals that are prevalent since the Vedic times.

When it comes to performing a pooja for childbirth, the first and foremost thing that is looked for in a couple’s Birth Horoscope, is the primary planet that is exerting the maximum impact on the domain of childbirth in that couple’s life.

In order to ascertain the specific planet and in-turn the deity associated with it for conducting the required pooja, one must go for Astrology on Call service provided by expert Astrologers.

However, there is a specific Pooja for childbirth called “Santan Gopal Puja” which could be performed by experts in Vedic Rituals, for couples who are having troubles in childbirth.

How to please Jupiter for Childbirth?

We have already discussed above that there is a specific planet in every Kundli that casts major & pin-pointed influence on the domain of childbirth in one’s life.

However, Jupiter is a planet in Astrology which is considered as the natural significator of child birth. In order to conceive and deliver a child, it is very important that both the husband & wife must have a favourably placed Jupiter in their respective Birth Horoscope.

An ill-placed Jupiter in the horoscope/kundli can be pacified by means of certain kundli specific remedies.

Which planet is responsible for pregnancy?

Identifying the specific planet which affects the event of childbirth the most in a person’s or couple’s lives, requires careful examination of the kundli/s.

However, following an in-general approach, it is safe to conclude that Mars in case of males as well as Jupiter in case of females, is primary responsible for pregnancy.

This is simply because Mars in males signify vigour & vitality and Jupiter promotes motherhood in females.

But, this is a generic approach that cannot become the sole basis of determining the overall aspect of child birth in life.

Astrological Remedies for Childbirth

Since predicting the event of childbirth requires a lot of kundli specific analysis, it is always prudent to start off by going for the service of Astrology on Call offered by experienced Astrologers.

Nevertheless, following are the 9 generic but highly powerful astrological remedies that couples can adopt in case they are having problems in childbirth:

  1. Keep an aquarium with a pair of gold fish in your house as it wards off the negative energies of the house that prevent conceiving a child.
  2. Feed jaggery to cows on a regular basis and donate money or utilities to a cow shelter. This helps the female to get the blessings of the Feminine Divine and ease out the burden of her troubling past karmas that are preventing her from conceiving.
  3. Place a Shri Yantra in the Pooja room/place of your home and worship that incredibly powerful form of Maa Lalit Tripur Sundari with a pure & devout heart.
  4. Donate money as per your finances to an orphanage.
  5. Help out needy children who require medical or educational assistance.
  6. Recite Vishnu Sahasranaam on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (if not possible on all days of the week).
  7. Perform Rudra Abhishek of Lord Shiva on a Monday to pacify the negative effects of Rahu and delays caused by Saturn when it comes to childbirth.
  8. Wear the gemstone of a planet that is positive for childbirth to further strengthen the favourable energies that are promoting childbirth in your life.
  9. Chant the planetary mantra/s given to you by an astrologer, specifically based on your Birth Horoscope.

Again, we would like to reiterate that when it comes to crucial events of life such as childbirth, it is always advised to go for a proper astrological consultation and get powerful remedies that are specific to your own Birth Horoscope for getting the desired benefits!