iot development companies

Complete automation is now possible thanks to IoT. IoT is the only technology that makes solutions like smart cities, smart homes, smart factories, and connected vehicles conceivable.

IoT has changed how traditional industries are now. It is ICT-based (Information and Communication Technology). The physical and digital worlds have been blended.

This technology will aid in streamlining business procedures, greatly increasing productivity in the process. You’ll be able to offer superior goods and services as a result.

  1. AppStudio

Full-service firms offer IoT app development services like AppStudio, which assist companies of all sizes to develop creative and effective IoT solutions. Our team of skilled developers can assist you with creating unique IoT applications, linking your gadgets to the cloud, and more.

AppStudio assists organizations of all sizes in creating and implementing unique IoT solutions that enhance productivity, communication, and data collecting. The company offers specialized IoT development services.

  1. Zazz

Since 2011, Zazz has offered full IoT services to more than 30 sectors. They are one of the top industrial Internet of things companies and develop futuristic IoT solutions for transportation management, asset and personnel tracking, remote health monitoring, production control and optimization, smart linked items, smart homes, and smart cities.

Zazz is one of the leading IoT development companies. It offers a modular IoT architecture for fast scale-up when developing IoT solutions, allowing for the easy and affordable addition of additional functional modules or expanding the current functionality to new device models.

  1. iTechArt Group

IoT solutions for startups and rapidly expanding digital enterprises are a major emphasis of the bespoke software development company iTechArt Group. The iTechArt team steps in as a go-to partner for enterprises wishing to construct fully integrated IoT solutions, from GPS tracking to building smart, safe home solutions.

 ITechArt is skilled at developing IoT apps, gateways, data analytics, and third-party connections, thanks to its more than 1,800 qualified developers.

  1. Oxagile

    Providing a comprehensive variety of services, including IoT consultancy, software development, hardware prototype, integration, and continuous improvement, Oxagile is a reputable IoT business.

   Oxagile uses its strong technical knowledge in artificial intelligence, computer vision, big     data, and cybersecurity to create cutting-edge, connected solutions and flawlessly-            architected IoT ecosystems.

  1. SumatoSoft

Since 2012, SumatoSoft has been developing IoT solutions to assist businesses and startups in gaining a competitive edge and enhancing their productivity, effectiveness, and profitability through corporate digitalization.

For the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, smart homes & cities, and automotive sectors, SumatoSoft provides industry-specific IoT solutions. These IoT technologies include robotics, smart traffic signals, fleet management, automated warehouses, remote patient monitoring, and more.

  1. HQ Industrial Software

HQ Software provides custom software development, mobile app development, consulting & prototyping, software re-engineering, and other services.

It offers Industrial IoT, Healthcare IoT, Smart Home, and IoT Automotive as IoT solutions. IoT services offered by HQ Software include data analysis, UI/UX design, device and sensor high-level development, and web and mobile app development.

  1. PTC

Digital solutions for PLM needs, CAD, PLM, AR , industrial IoTm softwares, etc. are offered by PTC. These goods are offered for various sectors, including the automotive, life sciences, manufacturing, and A&D.

PTC offers an IIoT solution. These solutions can be found in several sectors, including automotive, electronics, high-tech hardware, utilities, software, and medical devices. It applies to operations, service, and manufacturing.

  1. Cisco

Cisco Systems offers a range of goods and services for networking, the Internet of things, mobility and wireless technology, security, teamwork, data center, etc. It has offices across several continents, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

Cisco is well recognized for creating, producing, and marketing products for networking that use the Internet Protocol and items about the communications and IT industries. IoT Networking, IoT Gateways, IoT Operations Management, IoT Data Management, and IoT Security solutions are all offered.

  1. The ARM IoT Security Firm

ARM offers top-level IoT mobile app development services for designing and developing software and tools, IoT, and processor IP. For producing 32-bit and 64-bit RISC multi-core processors, the ARM Company is well recognized. It offers a Device-to-Data Platform for managing connectivity, devices, and IoT as a service. Additionally, it offers hardware products like Kigen SIM Solutions, SoC Solutions, and Mbed OS.

To sum up
You don’t need to research further because AppStudio professionals have thoroughly researched the best business database to assist you with your IoT solutions. These businesses will offer security, IoT, and AI solutions to various sectors, including infrastructure, logistics, automotive, retail, and healthcare.