Top attractions to visit in Amsterdam?


A city with distinct personalities, Amsterdam is Europe’s most enthralling destination.

If you want to get a little rowdier, go to one of the trendy bars or explore some unique interactive exhibits. You can even supplement the experience by visiting nearby towns, each of which showcases a different aspect of the Dutch experience.

Explore every nook and cranny of this captivating city by walking and biking, sitting and sipping, learning, and laughing. You’ll quickly realise why it’s become an international attraction… it’s not the risque stuff!

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  1. Anne Frank House

A trip to Amsterdam would be incomplete without a stop at this historic house. The actual building where Anne and her family hid does not have a museum dedicated to her, but it does have reconstructed rooms, many artefacts from the time and the original house, and even a reconstructed bookcase that used to conceal the entrance to the family’s secret annex.

  1. Heineken Brewery Tour

The Heineken Experience, located in Amsterdam, is a fun filled attraction where you will both learn about the brewing process and enjoy a couple of cheeky drinks. There are also many cool historical artefacts from Heineken’s history, such as various beer mats. A 3D ride that takes you through the creation process is also available and is quite entertaining and surprising in places.

  1. Canal Boat Tour

This may be a clichéd tourist activity, but you cannot visit Amsterdam without taking a canal tour. The canals are one of the reasons Amsterdam is so well-known, so why not experience them firsthand on a guided tour? The magnificent waterway that runs through Amsterdam’s Centrum stretches for miles and creates many stunning parts of the city, including the Emperor’s Canal and its beautiful architecture.

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  1. Emperor’s Canal

This is one of Amsterdam’s main canals, named after Emperor Maximilian (Of Austria). The Emperor’s Canal is the central waterway of three that form a semicircular ring around the Centrum and old town. The canal is 31m wide, and in the winter, the waters freeze, allowing you to skate along the ice. The House with the Heads, the Homo monument, the Syrian Orthodox Church, and the Greenland Warehouses are among the canal’s attractions.

  1. Van Gogh Museum

The museum is on Paulus Potterstraat, not far from Vondelpark, and is close to the Rijksmuseum. This vast art museum houses a large collection of Van Gogh paintings, as well as select collections from other artists such as Monet and Matisse. Aside from the stunning artworks, there are also letters and drawings, as well as information on why he is such a well-known and iconic figure.

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