Australian Oak flooring is a popular engineered wood flooring option that combines hardwood flooring, resilient coating, and a secure substrate. They are known to have unique patterns and are usually available in a pale pinkish or beige colour. It is highly recommended for flooring use in modern homes and offices. Some of the benefits of Australian Oak Flooring are as below:


  1. Stability– As several layers of veneers are glued together, it ensures that there is no worry of pressure on one particular point and that the weight is uniformly distributed. This way, the possibility of expansion or contraction is reduced, and the flooring offers better stability.


  1. Aesthetics– Australian Oak comes in beautiful vein patterns and grain designs which can add a touch of uniqueness to your interiors. The sleek finish displays the best part of the timber.


  1. Longevity –LED-cured hardwax oil can be applied to the flooring to better its life.


  1. Durable– The topmost layer is quite thick to offer adequate protection against any wear and tear. It can withstand several rounds of sanding and polishing that may occur throughout its lifetime.


  1. Versatile– An Australian Oak flooring complements with any kind of interior pattern, material, or style one has chosen.
  2. Affordable – The production costs of manufacturing Australian Oak flooringis quite minimal and hence it is an economical option to be invested in for all kinds of residential and commercial flooring plans.


The Complete Guide to Australian Timber Flooring


Oslek Flooring is a leading flooring expert that extends their services across Melbourne and Sydney. They were formulated with the vision to render premium-quality, durable, and affordable flooring solutions to customers across Australia. Keeping this philosophy in mind, the great minds at Oslek Flooring collaborated with the best of timber producers, engineered board manufacturers, coating chemists, architects, builders, and retailers from across the country to research, formulate, and manufacture A-class engineered flooring timbers. Abiding by the ‘Thinking Global, Acting Local’ policy, they have imbibed the latest methodologies and trends from the international markets and have managed to replicate them in the local scene of Melbourne and Australia. They indulge in an array of flooring solutions such as Australian Oak, European Oak, Wormy Chestnut, Parquetry Panels, Grading & Brushing, LED Coating, Onsite Floor Coating, Maintenance products, Onsite Maintenance, and more. They are led by a team of experts who have on-boarded the latest technology and equipment which aids in rendering exceptional product results.


They have an extensive collection of Australian Oak flooring which is a popular pick amongst home and office owners. Durable and versatile, the wood offers a 2mm or 4mm wear layer over a 7-ply board for extended stability and long life, whilst allowing a cover area of 190mm × 15mm. All the timbers at Oslek Flooring are certified by the Australian Safety Standard, International Environmental Standard, Chain of Custody for Certified Wood and Forest Products, and Glue Laminated Timber.

If you are interested in adorning your home with Australian Oak Flooring, Oslek Flooring is your best choice! You can reach out to them on 03 9877 1966.