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Top Furniture Trends in Melbourne in 2022

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We’re well into 2022, and by now life has more or less returned to normal even with the pandemic showing no signs of ending. Over several lockdowns, work from home orders and restrictions, our houses have become the main settings of our lives, and over the past few years, we Melburnians have truly understood the importance of making your space your own and enjoying the space you live in. As such, the interior design and furniture trends we are seeing in 2022 are more geared towards comfort and ease than the stark minimalism that was all the rage a few years ago. Read on to find out the top trends in modern furniture in Melbourne in 2022.

Warm, earthy tones
As we spent more and more time indoors over the past two years, we naturally started yearning for the natural colours of the earth; the warm chocolate browns of trees and bark and the rosy, terracotta shades of soil, a muted touch of moss green or the glowing yellow of honey. This trend is likely to continue with people moving away from stark whites and neutrals and injecting more colour into their lives, with coziness and a sense of warmth at the forefront of every design decision. As such, expect to see more wooden furniture or furniture upholstered in brown fabrics like leather or vinyl this year.

Multifunctional spaces
Over the course of the pandemic, we also realised how many ways we could turn different rooms in the house into workrooms. This trend is likely to continue, with living and dining spaces doubling as home offices, and rooms being designed for double duty. For example, it won’t be amiss to find a bookshelf next to the dining table or a bedroom equipped with workout equipment. Our homes have become our offices, gyms, restaurants and libraries, and as such, multifunctional furniture has become all the range.

Leather furniture and upholstery
In a move back to the 80s and 90s, leather furniture has suddenly seen an upsurge in popularity, with tan and black leather being the top choice. Not only is leather furniture absolutely gorgeous and durable, it develops its own personality over the years as frequent use develops a breathtaking patina. In these trying times, we are starting to prefer sentimentality over minimalism, and no other piece of furniture will display the love and laughter experienced on it more beautifully than leather furniture.

Geometric, 3D artwork
In an effort to add more depth and personality to their living spaces, people are enjoying adding life to bare walls through 3D artwork and more geometric prints that are still reminiscent of nature. Using different materials that seem to “pop out” from the walls, people want to add intrigue to their walls and artwork that does more than just hang there and look pretty. Be prepared to see a lot of art from indie or underground artists as the interest in supporting local and small businesses continues throughout 2022.

Loads of texture
Gone are the days of picking a single colour and texture and buying all your furniture in the same. This year, you’ll see a mix and match of fabrics, materials and textures in everything from sofas and dining chairs to artwork, coffee tables down to the cushions. It’s not uncommon anymore to find a velvet armchair in plum next to a brown leather sofa, or a rattan chair adorned with wool cushions. Dedicated themes have gone out the window and an assortment of decorative items, fabrics and colours is all the rage this year. Part of this is because of the increased focus on sentimentality and personality, something that is usually lacking in rooms that look like they have come straight out of a magazine.

Modern Grandmillenial
Loved the floral, over-the-top wallpaper patterns of the forties? How about the one-pattern-fits-all style so abundant in our grandparents’ houses? If you said yes, you’re in luck because 2022 is seeing a resurgence in floral patterns, although in a more modern, understated palette. Instead of covering the entire room in bright, floral wallpaper, you will see focal walls or sections of walls curated with floral and damask-printed wallpapers coupled with more contemporary and modern furniture for the right balance between traditional and trendy.

In contrast to the minimalism that was all the rage for quite a while in the interior design and furniture space, it seems like the motto for 2022 is “More is more!”. Colours, textures and patterns are having their moment after being sidelined for several years and most consumers are now looking to make their homes look cozier and inviting rather than straight out of Belle.

Achieving the perfect balance between traditional and modern furniture in Melbourne seems to be key for the years ahead and the perfect way to do this is to mix up solids and patterns, add touches of colour to neutral furniture and consider adding bold textures to the mix.