There are many myths regarding Oral Cancer regarding the severity, treatment options and chances to be diagnosed with the disease. It is important to distinguish fact from fiction by understanding the condition in its entirety. In the midst of the many myths that surround the disease, I’m here to dispel three popular ones in the right direction.

Myth #1: Only smokers Have it There is a myriad of reasons that can lead to Oral Cancer, one of which is nicotine and tobacco use. If you smoke, you are increasing your chances of getting diagnosed, however, this doesn’t mean that only smokers are at risk of the disease. The consumption of alcohol is another cause that could significantly increase your risk for Oral Cancer as well. Genetics also contribute to the diagnosis, however, they aren’t a guarantee that you will be diagnosed with it.

Myth #2: This is Not Rare The most current estimation for the calendar year suggests that around 50,000 individuals will get diagnosed as having Oral Cancer. Cancers of the throat and mouth are among the most all cancers that are common in the world and are the complete contrary to the rare. To reduce the risk of developing cancer of developing the disease, it is essential to be aware of your drinking habits or tobacco consumption, and diet, and also to participate in any screenings for prevention that are available.

Myth #3: I’m too old: Even though the risk of Oral Cancer increases with age, however, that doesn’t mean anyone who is younger than 50 is not susceptible to cancer. There are many aspects that could cause the diagnosis, no matter what age. Recent research has shown that certain sexually transmitted diseases like HPV and HPV, can be linked to the formation of Oral Cancer, which increases the risk for any age category.

Maintaining a good track record in maintaining your Oral Health is key for prevention. Early detection and diagnosis can aid in stopping the rapid growth of the disease so that it won’t progress into a more serious stage. Contact us today to arrange the Oral surgeon idaho falls screening!