Top Ways to Maximize Sponsorship in your Next Virtual Event.

Virtual Event Platform in India and Canada

Virtual events have become an essential aspect of every industry. This is one of the significant developments of this century. Their usage & contribution to the global economy is getting bigger every day. Just like in physical events, sponsorships and advertising are significant sources of revenue generation for virtual events as well. Virtual events lack face-to-face interaction and the attention span of attendees is also short. But this doesn’t mean that they do not offer a window for sponsorships and advertising.

With no massive hoardings or cutout displays, no verbal conversation or hand-to-hand exchange of merchandise, is it even possible for virtual venues to compete with the grand aesthetics of physical venues? This could be a common argument for amateurs! But technology providers have already come a long way in providing unique ways of sponsorship & advertising possibilities in virtual venues. At ibentos, we know exactly how to maximise the scope of sponsorship & advertising through virtual event platforms and extract high revenues!

Why do Virtual venues have equal advertising potential as physical ones?

The marketing calibre of any platform is gauged by three parameters, audience size, marketing avenues and degree of creative freedom. Virtual platforms have:

  • Access to a global audience
  • Multiple advertising avenues and branding spaces
  • Technologically enhanced creative freedom
  • AI-enabled marketing tools
  • Possibility of multiple iterations

That’s what makes the Virtual Platform a great advertising and marketing forum!

They may be virtual in nature but their audience is real and of mammoth size, indeed!

By definition, any medium, real or virtual that has high viewership and is commercially profitable can be utilised well for advertising.

Let us now discuss, how you can exploit the advertising potential of your virtual event platforms and attract maximum sponsors & exhibitors. Practically, every space that your attendees cross in the process of event participation could be a good advertising avenue. Let’s go by this sequence itself!


As soon as your event is announced and the marketing campaign takes off, your website is the first place that your attendees visit. It is a portal for you to exhibit your background information, capabilities, achievements, yearly event calendar and of course information about your upcoming virtual event. You can share this space with your sponsors & exhibitors for the display of their advertising content.


Have you seen the entrance of a shopping mall? It has large billboard displays of all the jewellery, apparel, grocery, restaurants, multiplexes and luxury brands that are housed within the premises. The entrance space of your virtual venue is a must-visit place for audiences and thus is ideal for branding and sponsorships.

Welcome area

When you enter a hotel, airport, food court, amusement park, fun fair or any other physical event, what is your immediate action? Yes, you take a wide look around the entire welcome area to have an idea of the all available options. That’s exactly what your attendees do as soon as they enter the virtual venue. The entire welcome area- walls, staircase wells, pillars, ceiling hangouts etc every such space can be used for the display of sponsored content.

Sponsor Booths

How many times while walking through the walkways in airports have you encountered bank counters offering credit cards? Or while visiting exhibitions haven’t you seen sponsored appliances counters? Virtual events too have a fair scope of arranging sponsored booths. Virtual sponsored booths are dedicated spaces for sponsors to attract attendees and perform marketing activities. Though face-to-face contact cannot be arranged, there’s a good scope for one-on-one virtual interaction.


Virtual auditorium is that section of your event where a large audience is present at the same time. This opportunity can be well utilised for the sponsor’s brand promotion. Session breaks and recaps could be the time when the audience wouldn’t mind watching the sponsor’s promotional videos. Paid promotions through videos and sponsored links in between the highlight sessions could be a high revenue-yielding chance for the organisers.

Gaming & Entertainment Zones

Every event whether commercial, educational or technical has gaming and entertainment zones for audiences’ indulgence & refreshment. It’s also the time when they are in a refreshed state of mind. The event designers can frame sponsor-themed games or activities with or without reward. You can exercise your creativity in this area so as to entertain your audiences and promote your sponsors collectively. Puzzles, quizzes, quick music concerts, ice-breaking sessions etc are some examples.

Networking Areas

Networking zones are a part of your event where people enter to form networks. Why not allow your sponsors entry into this area as well? After all, the real purpose of attendees establishing networks is to seek new business opportunities. Sponsors can also exploit this opportunity and you as an organiser can yield that extra sponsorship perks too.

Sponsored Breakout Rooms

Having sponsored breakout rooms is a trending idea nowadays. Every attendee logs into the breakout rooms at some point in the event. By introducing sponsorships in your breakout rooms, you can turn them into parallel activity areas. Sponsors can use this space for engaging the attendees in promotional entertainment activities. Why not make your virtual venues as lively as the physical venues of a gala event? For instance, an automobile expo is not just about sharing the technicalities of present & future cars! It has a dozen of other activities going on parallelly with the technical sessions.

So, the incorporation of sponsorships in your virtual platform is a game of creativity. Its a skill to open maximum sponsorship avenues yet keep them natural and perfectly amalgamated with the event theme. At ibentos, we aim for high-level customisation in each segment of our virtual and hybrid event platfrom. Introducing innovative sponsorship windows is one of them. You can visit us at can take a peek at the virtual environment designed for previous events.