Tricks on how to view stories on Instagram anonymously


Sometimes, we do not feel comfortable when people are notified if we have seen their stories. There are times when we just want to keep up-to-date with someone we know, but no longer interact with (such as your ex boyfriend/best friend/ old acquaintances, etc) but don’t want to be noticed. In today’s circumstance, a simple action on social media such as viewing one’s stories can be interpreted and perceived in some ways that may not be our true intentions. It’s your privacy and it’s your choice to demonstrate it or not.

We totally understand your feelings and want to help you out. There are several ways to view people’s posts and stories while maintaining anonymity.

Is it possible to view someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing?

It is absolutely possible to view public Insta stories anonymously.You will be able to be up-to-date with parts of their lives that they are sharing on social media by a third party service. The process is very simple but effective.

Ways to watch Instagram stories anonymously through websites

There are many websites that provide this service,so you should not have any trouble finding them. We suggest that you check out one of my 2 go-to websites when it comes to anonymously viewing people’s social media contents.

  • SSStory

There are many reasons to explain why SSStory is one of the best Instagram viewer tools available. It’s simple, effective and safe to use. Unlike Instagram default setting, SSStory does not require you to log in an account, or create one. You also don’t need to install any applications, as all can be done on the website. Your personal data will not be saved and displayed under any circumstance. You can view others’ Instagram profiles anonymously. Just enter the username of the person whose account you want to visit and hit View now. 

If you want to download any content, such as videos and images directly from their page, SSStory can meet your expectations completely. Take stalking to a different level by downloading spicy contents in high quality for further inspection or sharing purposes. 

Website link: 

  • Snapinsta

Snapinsta is an effective tool for you to see all the events that are happening in someone’s lives on social media. This website not only allows you to watch Instagram posts and stories with 100% anonymity, but you can also download videos, images on other’s profiles. You don’t need to have an Insta account or log in to view people’s public profiles. All you have to do is type in the person’s username or the link to their profiles in order to view their Insta posts and stories without revealing your personal information (your name, date and time of your visits) 

This website is accessible to anyone, regardless of your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari,…), operating system (iOS, Android), and device (phone, PC, tablet). It also offers high-quality download directly to your device at a fast speed. You can save images and videos to your photo album with only a click. And Snapinsta is completely free and safe to use, as it does not require any of your personal information to sell to third parties like other sneaky websites.

Website link: 

How to view Stories on Instagram anonymously

The websites I mentioned above can do a wonderful job in visiting people’s profiles and watching their stories anonymously; however; it only works with public Instagram accounts. If the person whose profile you want to stalk has set their account to private, those websites would not be able to meet your expectations. I think it’s reasonable because it’s a way for Instagram to protect users’ privacy. But we will not give up when there is still hope. There is a way for you to see private people’s stories without them knowing who you are. This method is also simple. First, you need to create a fake account. It only requires a few steps and the whole process will take several minutes. If you already have a main account logged in your phone, please follow these steps.

Then you just need to follow Instagram’s instructions to create a new account. You may typically switch between user profiles on the fly right on your personal page on Instagram mobile applications. You can enter the same phone number that the primary account is linked to in order to register a new account at the same time. This information will continue to be kept private. But you shouldn’t reveal your identity by connecting your Facebook or other social media profile to the new one.

The trick is how you should present your fake profile as harmless and innocent as possible, so that person will let their guard down and accept your follow request.