Former US President Donald Trump has said the conflict in Ukraine must end with a deal that will stop it. It is reported by TASS .

“Now the situation looks in such a way that, unfortunately, Russia, as a result of cruel and terrible battles, is taking large territories. We are responsible for the millions and millions that we transfer, but they go the wrong way, ”he said, commenting on the actions of the administration of US President Joe Biden in the situation around Ukraine.

Trump added that Russia and Ukraine should make a deal and stop instead of “keep doing what they’re doing.”

He also said that the Ukrainian conflict due to the policy of the United States could escalate into the Third World War.

According to the US Department of Defense , in total, since President Joe Biden took office, his administration has allocated $6.3 billion in military assistance to Kiev, and $5.6 billion since the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine.