Try The pay per head System For Free For One Month


The best way to get people to try something is to let them try it for free. But, often times, a free trial is only a limited trial and the product or service does not have all of the features intact that a full version would offer. The pay per head online bookie service does not believe in teasing bookies to try their service. The pay per head service offers a full trial of their online betting method for bookies who want to see just how much more they can get out of their website.

When you try the pay per head method, you will be introduced to a staff of expert Internet engineers who will create and maintain your website for you. The engineers will work with you to develop a professional website that you will be able to market to your customer base. The website is placed on a secure and reliable host, which makes your pay per head website safe for your customers to use.

When you have customers sign up for your pay per head free trial website, they will not be asked for any financial information. All of the financial transactions that take place on a pay per head website are done directly between the bookie and the client, to increase security and safety. Your clients will also be assigned PIN numbers that they can use instead of their full names when they utilize your website services.

Part of owning a successful sports betting website is being able to offer a variety of betting lines from a sports and leagues all over the world. The pay per head process will allow you to offer betting lines from 70 horse race tracks and 80 sports leagues around the world. You will also have a staff of betting experts who will monitor your betting lines to make sure that they are competitive as well as profitable.

During your free trial, you will be able to see here just how convenient the pay per head customer service can be when your customers start calling your toll free customer service phone lines. The same betting experts who will be keeping an eye on your website will also be answering the phones to make sure that your customers get the accurate information they are looking for. Your customers will also be able to place bets over the phone and have those bets recorded for accuracy.

If you want to see just how much revenue your betting website can generate, then you need a good online betting service provider. You can try the pay per head method for free for one month and see the huge difference that using the right service provider can make. After the free trial is over, the pay per head system will be available to you for the same low price that successful bookies have been paying for years.