airport transportation service fairfield county, ct
airport transportation service fairfield county, ct

Turkey continues to develop its connection to Benin and reorganize the coup discussed in 2016. Projects in the agricultural and health sector of Benin got finalized through the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA). Turkey also provides educational assistance to Beninese students sponsored by Turkey Visa for Beninese Citizens. The embassy of Beninese opened in Ankara in 2013. The Turkish Embassy was inaugurated in Cotonou a year after. On the same timeline, the national flag carrier airline of Turkey also began to cater flights going to Benin and vice versa.

Citizens of Benin have to apply for a visa to enter Turkey . All types of passport holders, except Diplomatic passports, need travel authorization for entry. They must have a residence permit to the UK, USA, or Ireland or valid Schengen membership to acquire a single-entry visa. If they pass these conditions, they can take advantage of the online visa process. Once approved, they are eligible to stay in the country for a month. Beninese, who have Diplomatic passports, are granted a 90 days visa-free travel.

  Beninese Eligibility For Turkey E-visa

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs inaugurated a new electronic system to simplify the acquisition of visas. Turkey e-Visa has a list of nationalities that can acquire the necessary travel authorization by applying online. It is a seamless and straightforward process with minimum requirements. Beninese citizens are under the category of Turkish conditional e-Visa. They are eligible to get a permit under the following provisions:

  • Beninese citizens must have a residence visa or valid membership from one of these countries: Schengen Area, Ireland, the USA, and the United Kingdom. The system does not honor electronic documents for foreign visas and permits.
  • Beninese citizens must travel with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ accredited airlines. It could be the following: Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Onur Air.
  • Beninese citizens have to provide income stability during their stay in Turkey. Hotel reservations and travel itineraries are also part of the supporting documents they need to present to border authorities.
  • Beninese citizens have to present a Yellow Fever Vaccine Certificate for all passengers age one and above.

Turkey e-Visa is strictly for tourism and business activities. Other types of permits, such as employment, educational and permanent residence, have no option to process electronically. Beninese applicants may consult an Honorary Consulate for detailed instructions.

The electronic visa application has a quicker turnaround time compared to the conventional process in the embassy. All eligible nationalities could save ample time by taking advantage of the platform. Immigration requires Benin citizens to apply for a Turkey Visa for Bhutan Citizens two to three days before their intended travel. They can visit Turkey’s commercial website with just a few clicks.

  Turkish E-visa Application Guide For Beninese

If the applicant has passed the criteria for eligibility mentioned above, citizens of Benin can complete the online application with minimum requirements. During the online application in the portal, travelers must have the following:

  • Email address – in correspondence with the e-Visa application, the system will send notifications and updates.
  • Passport – Special, Service, and Ordinary passport must have at least six months validity, starting on the day of arrival in Turkey
  • Visa fee payment – the system will reroute the applicant to a secured portal where they can pay. Credit cards, debit cards, and other payment channels are available.

Beninese have to fill the necessary fields in the online form. Information should be similar to the contents of their passport and other supporting documents. Otherwise, the e-visa issued to Beninese will be invalid.

The system will not ask the Benin citizens to upload their supporting documents like proof of income, Yellow Fever Certificate, travel insurance, and hotel accommodation. They have to hand it over to border authorities, along with their e-Visa.

Beninese must not overstay their visa. Over a month of stay in Turkey may be subject to paying fines and penalties. Worse, Benin citizens may get deported or banned from their future travels in the country.

  Covid-19 Additional Travel Requirement

Turkey requires all incoming international passengers to present a negative PCR Test. Immigration has the right to deny the entry of travelers who failed to comply with the safety guidelines.

Age bracket: 6 years old and above


Timeline: Seventy-two hours before departure from the country of origin