Types of Programming Language to Study: Low, Medium, High Level

Programming assignment help
Programming assignment help

Scholars if this is the first time you are planning to attempt taking up Programming, you ought to do some research before trajecting on your chosen computer programming language, whether it’s high or low language preference.

Which two types of programming languages make up the majority of the field? There are many distinct paradigms and models of programming, which can also be categorized as programming languages.

Languages that use imperative paradigms and languages that use declarative paradigms are the two major paradigms.

The steps that a computer needs to take to carry out the desired operation can be laid down in detail using an important language.

Because they do not come equipped with an automatic memory management system, C and C++ are now regarded as low-level languages that can even be studied without availing of Programming assignment help.

Which Five Different Kinds Of Programming Languages Are There?

There are 5 distinct varieties of programming languages.

  • Object-oriented programming language is the abbreviation for this.
  • Language for logic-based computer programming.
  • Language for the construction of procedural programs
  • A form of programming is known as Functional.
  • Scripting programming language.

Honestly, there are three primary classifications that may be applied to programming languages. These three categories are:

  • High-Level
  • Middle-Level
  • Low-Level

These three categories of languages are distinct from one another due to several distinguishing traits.

The term “high level” is used to describe programming languages constructed in a manner that is understandable to humans.

Programmers don’t need to know the hardware they use because they are independent and can run on any system.

C++ and Python are two examples of languages that are consider to be high-level programming languages. A computer’s programming and hardware layers are separated by middle-level languages, which act as a bridge between the two.

They function within the abstraction layer that a laptop possesses. On the other hand, low-level languages are develop to cater to a given type of machine’s specific hardware and architectural necessities.

The article is majorly for distinguishing primary requirements between high-level, middle-level, and low-level programming languages learned easily from mentors providing Python assignment help.

Comparison between Low-Level, Middle-Level, and High-Level Programming Languages

●  Speed:

Compared to programs written in middle-level and high-level languages, those written in low-level languages have a significantly more significant advantage in speed.

It is because these programs do not require any interpretation or compilation and have a one-to-one correspondence between the registers and the memory.

On the other hand, computer programs that construct using a high-level language tend to run more slowly. The fact that they are write in human language is the primary reason behind this.

It indicates that for the machine to execute them, it must first translate them into human language and interpret their meaning. A significant amount of time and dedication is require to get acquaint with the process.

The speed of the mid-level language is comparable to that of the high-level language but slower than the low-level language. It is just right; it is not excessively high or low.

●  Memory requirement

It is an additional criterion we can use to discriminate between these three categories of languages.

Memory use is optimize in a highly effective way with low-level languages. They make less use of the RAM, a significant departure from high-level languages generally characterized by their extensive use of memory.

High-level languages consume memory at a high rate, especially considering that these languages still need to execute within a particular runtime environment.

Compared to high-level programming languages, the memory efficiency of medium-level programming languages is not nearly as high as it is for high-level languages.

●  An intuitive operation:

Machines enjoy the benefits of low-level languages, but human programmers find them challenging to work with. When you’re a human coder, it can be rather challenging to work with mnemonics and binaries.

The fact that each instruction is develop for a particular computer architecture contributes to the increase complexity inherent in the language. To summarise, low-level languages are notoriously challenging to pick up.

However, higher-level languages are more conducive to human communication. They are make up of simple English sentences to learn and recite once they are commit to memory. Because of this, they are the most widely use form of programming language, according to the experts who provide Programming assignment help.

●  Portability

In the context of this discussion, the capacity of a language to utilize on various systems is refer to as its “portability.” Low-level programming languages are less portable, and it is because their instructions are dependent on the machine.

Each instruction is tailor to the specific requirements of the equipment being use. The programs written for one particular device will not work on any other type of computer architecture.

High-level languages are machine-independent, and no obstacles must overcome to utilize the same code on a different system or even with a different architecture.

It indicates that high-level programming languages have a high degree of portability. It is possible to move a program build from one environment to another while maintaining the program’s functionality if it is write in a high-level language.

●  An abstract concept:

In this discussion, the relationship between language and computer hardware is refer to as an abstraction. There is little or no abstraction between low-level programming languages and computer hardware, and these languages have a natural and unobtrusive interaction with the computer’s memory and register.

There is a sizable chasm that exists between mid-level programming languages and hardware. When compared to the one with low-level languages. It is more extensive, but when compared to the one with high-level languages, it is smaller.

As anticipate, the highest abstraction is find in the most advance programming languages. It is because they function at the very highest level of a computer. Where there is little interaction with the physical components.


As can see, there are significant discrepancies in programming languages that are consider high-level, mid-level, and low-level. At My Essay Mate, the authentic service provider, we provide ace essay services, in addition. We can highlight the various develop programming languages that cater to a particular need. Due to this reason, we are unable to advise choosing one form of programming over another.


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