There are many threshold ramps available on the market. It can be difficult to choose the right one. The ramp should be easy to use, safe, and cost-effective. Continue reading to find out how to choose a threshold ramp.

Different types of Threshold Ramps

National Ramp has many threshold ramp options to suit all mobility levels. Here are the most popular types of threshold ramps.

1. Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum ramps are strong and resistant to corrosion. Depending on the needs of your household, you can choose from a variety of aluminum ramps.

Solid ramps: 

This maintenance-free Solid Aluminium Ramp comes from the Liberty Series. This ramp is ideal for people with mobility impairments who need to be able to safely enter and exit their homes. This ramp comes with a handrail system and can hold a large weight.

Aluminum folding ramps: 

This Aluminum Folding Ramp has a continuous rubber hinge and is part of the Freedom series. This allows you to access areas that do not require a ramp. It can be used for up to two steps and covers approximately 15 inches.

Mesh wheelchair ramps:

The Aluminum Mesh Wheelchair Ramp allows moisture, dirt, and snow to pass through its small openings.

Threshold ramps:

The Aluminum Threshold Ramp, which is lightweight and durable, has non-slip surfaces that provide maximum traction when you or your loved ones enter or exit a doorway. A handicap threshold ramp can be ordered with the dimensions, height, and leg that you need. The maximum weight is 1,000 pounds

Bariatric ramps. The Aluminum Bariatric Ramp can support up to 1,200 pounds. This is for those who need assistance or travel with heavy mobility devices. Its width of 48 inches makes it safe and secure for wheelchairs with wide wheels. The Liberty and Journey versions of this ramp are available.


2. Steel Ramps

Galvanized steel ramps have an open mesh design to ensure maximum safety and support. These characteristics are found in steel ramps:

Steel is strong and durable:

 Galvanized steel ramps are low-maintenance and can be used for many years. To protect the metal’s surface from corrosion and damage, the ramp is powder coated.

Attractive and aesthetic: 

Steel ramps look great.


Modular steel mesh ramps allow for maximum flexibility. They are easy to set up and can be easily adjusted.


The ADA-compliant steel ramps are safe. They have handrails along their entire length. These features allow you and your family to have the freedom that you want when you use your mobile device.

Available in a wide range: Steel mesh ramps can be shipped immediately after placing an order.


3. Wood Deck Ramps

Wood deck ramps from the Victory series are ADA-compliant. They have a unique appearance and feel. As a threshold ramp material, wood is highly beneficial. It will have the following features:


Wood is an affordable, sustainable material that can also be used to build ramp structures. Wood Deck Ramps look like they are part of your home, rather than an addition.


A ramp made from wood can be customized to fit your home. You can customize your ramp with paint or a stain. This will make your home more attractive and increase its value.


There is ample space for wheelchairs on the landings, and handrails that run along the entire length of the walkway.

Wood ramps are easy to install. They can be made modularly, which makes them simple and quick to put in. Wood materials are lighter than metal, yet they have great weight.


4. Switchback Ramps

The Switchback Wheelchair Ramp can alternate at 180 degrees and make complete turns, allowing you to safely ascend landings. The Switchback Ramps offer many valuable features to caregivers and people with disabilities.


A switchback can turn without taking up space so that you can cross a threshold or to another safe place. This type of ramp is ideal if you have limited space or need to climb a steep slope to get out of your home.


All switchback ramps comply with ADA regulations and are designed to be easy to use, despite their complexity. A switchback ramp can be used in tight spaces, while still providing handrails and high-traction surfaces.

You can choose a length that suits your space and switchbacks are versatile. You can use any material you like, such as steel or aluminum.


Switchback ramps can be customized to fit ADA standards.


How to Choose the Best Ramp for You

When you are considering installing your own residential ramp you need to consider your individual needs. Professional assistance is available to make sure your ramp works as intended.


Consider these things when choosing your threshold ramp:



While steel is the strongest and has the greatest weight capacity, aluminum is extremely durable and resists natural corrosion.

Modular options: 

A modular option is the best option if you have to transport your ramp.

Space limitations: 

There are some ramps that can be used in larger spaces. You should choose a ramp that is compatible with the space you have available.


While all ramps are designed to be safe, you should choose a ramp that is tailored to your family’s needs. The ramp should be large enough to support a wheelchair and have a large weight limit.