2011 was probably the most difficult year in the history of Argentinian football team River Plate. You can visit 1xbet.pk – all sports betting sites Pakistan also has great wagers on this squad.


For starters, this was the year when the team was relegated to the second level of Argentinian football for the first time in their history. However, this relegation didn’t happen from one day to another. There were many episodes and ingredients that led to this outcome. It would be perfectly possible to write an entire book about what happened with River during those years. Punters can find all sports betting on the 1xBet Pakistan wagering sites, including a complete section dedicated to football.

A costly mistake

One of the many chapters that led to River Plate’s downfall took place on the 22th of May 2011. On that day, River played an Argentine league match against San Lorenzo. Matches between those two teams can be very entertaining, and the 1xBet live streaming for everyone also feature chances to watch those squads.


The match in question had many protagonists, such as:


  • Leandro Caruso;
  • Jonathan Ferrari;
  • Juan Pablo Carrizo;
  • and Ubaldo Fillol.


Caruso and Ferrari scored the goals for River and San Lorenzo respectively, as the match ended 1-1. Carrizo was River’s goalkeeper at the moment, while Fillol was River’s goalkeeping coach. The latter is considered a legend of the team. The 1xBet website has live-streaming for everyone, where people can also watch all River matches.


Ferrari’s goal was scored in the 74th minute. Yet, it was also the result of a horrific mistake made by Carrizo, who was unable to stop a ball that seemed to be quite easy. This costly mistake started to pave River’s way into relegation.

An unwanted hug

River’s fans were furious with Carrizo. However, Fillol approached him and tried to console him. It was possible to see that the goalkeeping coach hugged the keeper and tried to tell him a few comforting words. Before another situation like this occurs, don’t forget to visit 1xBet casino Pakistan and explore its great selection of games.


But Carrizo didn’t want that. In fact, years later the keeper stated that this hug made him feel even worse about the mistake he had just made.

On the following day, Fillol shocked River fans by announcing his resignation as goalkeeping coach of the team. He argued that Carrizo had humiliated him by insulting him in all possible ways while he was trying to console him. The keeper admitted what had happened and attempted to apologize in all possible ways, but Fillol wanted nothing with him. While waiting for other games that feature great goalkeepers, you can go and visit the 1xBet Pakistan casino, which offers plenty of games.