Monsoon sun is said to be deceptive. This is there and this is not. It doesn’t take long for sunny weather to turn cloudy and rain. So umbrella is needed to protect from rain. Umbrella should be taken along on such rainy days.

Nowadays umbrellas are available in various colors. It protects from the rain and adds a touch of fashion to the decoration. On rainy days, umbrellas protect the head and shoes protect the feet. Umbrellas: Umbrellas are essential to protect from rain. Umbrella is an essential item both in rain and dry heat. Because of this, when you will be hit by heavy rain, you can’t leave the house anymore.

Therefore, if you have an umbrella with you during these times, you can use it when necessary. All kind of umbrella. Umbrellas are available from 300 taka to 1000 taka.
Small, large, medium sized umbrellas are available in the market. For the little ones there are small umbrellas with cartoon design.

The demand of the umbrella is as well as its design. You will get various monochromatic umbrellas including black, blue, red, gray. There are also colorful print umbrellas. Some have beading or lace work. Some umbrellas are designed in such a way that they can be folded and stored in a small bag. As a result, there is no additional difficulty in carrying it all the time. Apart from this, transparent colored umbrellas are also available in the market.

Seeing the rainy season, alamin and bijoy, a Bengali student of r College, came to buy an umbrella. He chose such a transparent umbrella. He said, ‘to use the umbrella that I saw . Just as you can save from the rain in a transparent umbrella, there is no difficulty in seeing the surrounding scenery.’ But buy an umbrella, make sure that it is durable and strong.