Most condominiums will provide a courtesy reminder anyway without it being required by the statutes, so this will not delay too many condominiums from pursuing delinquent accounts, but it does mean that condominium associations need to review their collection policy, if any, and review their warning letter, if any, and make sure that the policy and any reminder letters mirror the new framework established by Chapter 718.
Because the entire process has been lengthened, you may also consider starting the collections process earlier than your current policy.
If you have any questions about how your existing policy may not to be modified, I recommend you consult your legal counsel.
Goede Q: I am a Board member at a high rise condominium on Marco Island and we are deeply concerned about the recent tragedy in Miami involving the structural collapse of a condominium.
What should we be doing? The Statute contains a form for the notice that must be used.
Anonymous, Marco Island A: The tragedy in Miami is a terrible situation and first and foremost we offer our prayers and concerns for the residents, families, and first responders involved in this terrible loss.
Q: One of our owners passed away and the unit was owned by her trust.
The son is apparently the beneficiary of the trust and has started moving in.
Within a few days, the son has already broken a dozen rules and we discovered he has a criminal history.
Can we prevent the son from living here?