Untold Story of Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra


Sudarshan Chakra has been glorified in ancient Hindu epics like Mahabharata. It was a great luminous weapon used by Lord Shri Krishna during the different wars. To describe, Sudarshan Chakra is formed of two round discs rotating in opposite directions. It has numerous sharp spikes with an illuminating effect. Originally it is said to have belonged to Lord Vishnu, the preserver of this Universe.

There are legends associated with Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra and various truths unfold as we read different stories. The origin of Sudarshan Chakra is not definite yet, but some believe that it is generated with the combined force of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Some scriptures and texts say that Lord Krishna took the flamed discus- Sudarshan Chakra from the Devata Mandal i.e. demigods. Mahabharata states that Lord Krishna and Arjuna helped Agnidev (Fire God) to burn the Khandav forest. Appeased by this, the Agnidev gave Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Krishna. It is often seen rested on Lord Krishna’s little finger.

The power of Sudarshan Chakra is such that it only returns to its attacker after it has completely destructed the enemy. Here are some unknown facts and untold stories about the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna.

On the land of Lord Krishna- Braj, the villagers were preparing for a puja ritual. The puja was held for pleasing Lord Indra and seeking His blessings for sufficient rains. Shri Krishna explained to the villagers that it was important to focus on the farming practices instead of conducting the puja. This led to the cancellation of puja which consequently angered Lord Indra. He showered heavy rains over Braj to punish everyone by flooding the village. There were dangerous thunderbolts that terrified the villagers. Lord Krishna decided to uplift the Govardhan mountain to provide shelter to the people and their livestock. He lifted and kept holding the Govardhan Parvat with His left little finger. Lord Krishna held the mountain upright for seven long days and the villagers were astonished by this. It was possible because He had Sudarshan Chakra for support on His little left finger. Amazed with this act, Lord Indra diverted the rain clouds. Indra Dev then landed on Braj and asked for forgiveness from Lord Krishna. This is one of the stories that show the power of Sudarshan Chakra.

One more story is from the momentous times of Mahabharata. Lord Krishna released the Sudarshan Chakra to kill Shishupala, the son of Damagosha’s King. It began with the Rajasuya Yagna when Shishupala teased & mocked everyone present at the ceremony. As he continued to affront others, his behavior seemed insatiable, and deserved severe punishment.

Shishupala was born with four hands, three eyes and his voice was similar to a Mule. His parents were worried by this but a heavenly voice stated that Shishupala’s extra body parts would disappear as he sits on a special Godlike individual’s lap in the future. Although Shishupala would rule the kingdom, the same individual would kill him. It was Sri Krishna who arrived and Shishupala sat on His lap. Immediately, the extra limbs disappeared but Shishupala’s mother was anxious. She pleaded to Lord Krishna to spare her son’s life. Shri Krishna showed mercy and promised that He would forgive Shishupala’s 100 mistakes. When Shishupala was invited to the Rajasuya Yagna, Bhishma advised that the first Arghya should be offered to Lord Krishna as He was the most revered and respectable person amongst all. Sahadev went on to offer Arghya to Lord Krishna but Shishupala differed to agree. He argued about how other Kings were also worthy of getting the first Arghya. He persistently insulted everyone, doubted Lord Krishna’s supremacy, and behaved aggressively. Nobody in the event supported Shishupala and once he committed 100 mistakes, Lord Krishna relentlessly cut off Shishupala’s head with Sudarshan Chakra. It is believed that Shishupala was Jaya in his past birth who was a Dwarkapaal of Lord Vishnu. He was cursed by the Sanat Kumaras that he would be killed by Vishnu’s other avatar in his next birth.
From region to region, the stories of Sudarshan Chakra have been passed down to future generations. The mighty Lord Krishna possesses this disc-shaped weapon but some references even mention it as Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra (as Lord Shri Krishna is an avatar of Shri Vishnu). It has been described as one of the most powerful weapons in the history of Indian mythology.