How is Application of Self – Urine useful in skin problems?



For skincare or problems we might have heard of many things, numerous products, effective herbs and uncountable claims of curing the skin problem. But we have never thought that something which we consider as the waste of our body can help in getting rid of your stubborn skin problems. Not in just one or two skin problems but in almost all the skin problems and that is your own urine. Now, we can bet half of the readers will be shocked and the other half will be confused but the truth is the truth. In this article we will discuss all the why’s and all the how’s so keep reading if you want answers.

You know, in bizarre beauty trends, one more trend is now added and it is called urine therapy. People are even going for urine facials also called urotherapy or pee facials.However, if we dig into history then self-urine therapy is explained in detail and is largely attributed to Indian culture. It is mentioned in Damar Tantra, an ancient Sanskrit text which claims that application of self urine is the cure to all skin problems . Even in greeks, egyptians and romans it is used too. Pliny the elder, had recommended it to cure burns, inflammation and skin related problems.

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Coming back to damar tantra, it contains a detailed description of the system of therapeutics utilizing ‘shivambu’ that is auto urine therapy. The therapy is basically explained by lord shiva to his divine consort the goddess parvati. There are a total 107 shlokas or verses in the meter called anushtup chandas. Damar tantra asserts that  all diseases including the disorders of skin can be cured using shivambu (one’s own urine) and all mankind can retain health as well as strength through regular use of shivambu.

Explaining shivambu kalpa

Explaining it to goddess parvati, lord shiva said “ O parvati! Now I shall explain to you the recommended actions and rituals of this shivambu kalpa that has numerous benefits. For its use, scriptures have carefully specified some vessels.

Utensils made with following materials are recommended in damar tantra for using self urine. The materials are as follows

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Copper
  4. Bronze
  5. Brass
  6. Iron
  7. Clay
  8. Ivory
  9. Glass
  10. Wood from sacred trees
  11. Bones
  12. Leather
  13. Leaves

Method of Using as per Shivambu Kalpa

  1. One’s own urine (shivambu kalpa) should be collected in a utensil made of any of the above mentioned materials. Among them, clay utensils are the best and copper utensils are also considered under the category of best.
  2. The person who is intending to practice this therapy should exclude salty and bitter foods. One should not overexert himself and must take a light meal in the evening . he/she should sleep on the ground and should master and control their urges and senses.
  3.  The practitioner should get up when three quarters of the night has elapsed and should pass urine while facing the east side.
  4. It is recommended to leave the first and last portions of urine. That means only the middle part should be collected. This is the best procedure. Giving an example, Lord shiva continued explaining that as there is poison in the mouth and the tail of the serpent, same is the scenario with flow of shivambu or urine.
  5. Lord Shiva explains in the next verse that auto urine is a heavenly nectar, which is capable of destroying senility and diseases. If anyone is,  a practitioner of yoga should take it before proceeding with his or her rituals.
  6. The drinking or application of self urine is to be performed after cleaning the mouth and performing the other essential morning functions. Drinking it for two months energizes the senses and stimulates them.
  7. Application or drinking it for three months destroys all types of diseases. Doing the same for 5 months makes one acquire divine vision and freedom from all diseases.
  8. Continuing practice for 6 months makes the recipient highly intelligent and proficient in scriptures and if duration is seven months the practitioner acquires extraordinary strength.
  9. If The practice is continued till 8 months, one can acquire a glow like gold, if continued for 9 months then one can even free her or himself from  tuberculosis and leprosy.
  10. On practicing till the 10th month, one can attain a treasury of luster and in eleven months it purifies or detoxifies all the organs.
  11. If continued for a year then a person becomes radiant like the sun  and in two years can conquer the earth element.
  12. In five years he/she can conquer the air element and in 7 years can conquer pride.
  13. In eight, a person is enabled in overcoming all the important elements of nature and its continuation for nine years free one from the cycle from birth and death.
  14. Continuation of this practice till 10 years, makes one’s body light enough and makes him/ her hear the voice of his soul.
  15. In twelve years the person can live as long as the moon and stars. Is not troubled by dangerous animals like snakes, no poisons can kill him. He or she can not be consumed by fire and can float on water just like wood.
  16. Talking about the next variants of the therapy lord shiva said O goddess! He or she who takes the powder of Amrita (Tinospora cordifolia)  and mixes it with the auto urine can get free from all disorders habitually in Six months.
  17. With the continuation of verse Lord shiva explained that powdered haritaki (Terminalia chebula) can also be taken with great care with shivambu. This combination is potent to destroy the senile disorders. If the intake of this combination is continued for a year then it makes the practitioner exceptionally strong.
  18. If one gram of purified sulphur is mixed with the shivambu every morning for a span of three years then the person can live as long as the moon and stars.
  19. The powder of the koshtha fruit should be mixed properly with shivambu and taken in a prescribed manner, then in twelve years one’s body is free from the ravages of old age like wrinkles on skin, whitening of hair and a person acquires the strength of elephants.
  20. Pepper powder along with triphala churna (Terminalia billerica, Temenallia chebula and emblica officinalis) along with Shivambu makes you radiant like gods.
  21. The bhasma if mica (calx of mica) and purified sulphur along with shivambu and a little water is effective in destroying all the disorders due to digestive malfunction. It is also efficient in getting rid of diseases due to aggravated vata dosha in your body. One can escape ravages of time if this combination is used on a regular basis.
  22. As mentioned before the practitioner of auto urine should exclude salty and bitter food from his diet.

In this way the whole process of Auto urine is explained by Lord Shiva to his beloved wife Goddess Parvati.

Modern World, Skin Problems and Auto Urine application

The same can be done in modern times like excluding salty and bitter food in the diet and also excluding the first part, last part of the urine. The collected usine can be applied over the face or over the affected area and hence within some months you will see the visual differences by yourself.

As a boost for your enthusiasm, let’s just discuss a very famous person. His name was Morarji Ranchhoji Desai, 4th non congress president of India in the year 1977 till 1979. He was born in 1896 and died on 10 april 1995. He was the person who saw the whole century, India being the part of the British colony and britishers rule. He even went to jail several times for being part of the freedom movement. Fr this whole time he was keeping himself away from every disease due to practice of auto urine therapy. He once said

Our own urine has the potential of keeping us away from diseases and a real help for the ones who can not afford expensive


Usage of self urine has been modernised as pee facial and might be in many other ways but still in many parts of the world people believe in ancient ways especially that has history in India as well. But we don’t why Indians always call their own ancient way hypothetical. It’ s more about believing than about hypotheses. So believing in your ancient ways, there are a lot of percent chances that you can get rid of your skin problems forever