Uruguay beat Ghana, but were excluded from the World Cup in Qatar due to goals in their favour


Uruguay beat Ghana, but were excluded from the World Cup in Qatar due to goals in their favour

In the end, and on the brink of the abyss, the Uruguay national team reappeared too late, after eliminating it with a last-minute goal from South Korea to culminate in their failure in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a victim of their lack of ambition in the tournament. The first two days, he could not fix his victory on Friday against Ghana (2-0), without understanding that he needed more than two goals to advance to the round of 16, without imagining that the penalty kick missed by the referee on Darwin Nunez would be later. ultimate.

In the 91st minute, in the match between the Asian national team and Portugal, in the 86th minute in the duel between Uruguay and Ghana, everything changed for the heavenly team, between Diego Alonso’s gestures of despair to his players, Darwin’s tears. Nunez, the ruin of Luis Suarez… the picture of a victory that was really a defeat; The expected decision to nonsense that Uruguay has already announced in the first two appointments..

The victory was not enough. And he did not reinvent himself, with his personality, his ambition, surviving an extreme penalty by Sergio Rochette and then stopping and then indisputable, with two final strikes from Giorgian de Arascaita no longer any potential opposition from Ghana. Indisputable in his party. Not in the group. At the same time, South Korea eliminated them to Portugal. Also to the African group.

Once again, at eleven metres, in a maximum penalty kick, as in 2010, in the quarter-finals in South Africa, the African team shattered its expectations, and has since surpassed them with goalkeeper blocking, pressure, conditions, and a team. This never gives up, as Luis Suarez announced the day before, and this has players who are able to suggest what they want when they are on the field, like De Arrascaeta.

The best ’10’ of the Brazilian championship, which had not been sufficiently exploited until Friday by Diego Alonso in Qatar 2022, imposed his goals and punches with the nature of a group that, due to its defect, had fallen in the first two days as a small group. , when not, as he explained once he got rid of tactical oppression and fear, when he decided to play a lot more than he had in three hours of play.

With no margin for caution, no room for fear, and freedom from complexes, Uruguay changed its offensive stance. A snapshot from the first minute made the difference, as the entire azure team in the other field was under pressure when the opposition released the ball, with the midfielders and attackers after the final third, with the defense in midfield. , with the expression of that picture to illustrate the obvious difference.

It has nothing to do with what she was up to – and didn’t want to feature against Portugal – in the first two days of the World Cup, and why she’s been hanging by a thread. For a simple question of ambition, absolutely necessary in itself for the Uruguay national team. And to believe in herself, beyond what press conferences say. An indisputable fact. And the hope Uruguay clung to really believing they had a chance.

There was no guarantee. Not in the World Cup or any game. But it was a step forward that Uruguay deserved, after suddenly succumbing to the countless test of life, after the first quarter of the hour. It is in debit and credit to goalkeeper Sergio Rochet. His failure was, firstly, not to stop a ball that should have ended up in his hands from any possible perspective at that level, and the penalty awarded by the referee was in televised review. It was also the station with which he revived his team.

Ghana has not forgotten, and probably will never forget, the penalty kick missed by Asamoah Gyan in the 2010 quarter-final against Uruguay at the last moment of extra time, that extreme penalty that still reveals, saddens and angers the country. The underlying tension on the ground is evidence. Also booed Luis Suarez for that hand forever. In part, Friday remembered that moment, saw the abyss and fell hopelessly into it.

The sequence of events overwhelmed him. From a missed penalty kick by Andre Ayew in the 20th minute to putrefaction there were minutes. A revival of the first world champion who realized the catastrophe in himself and then in his opponent. And he reacted with irrepressible determination, but also with football and the flood he missed, linked to the two goals with which de Arascaita hit against Ghana.

0-1, in the 26th minute, it was a counter-attack promoted by Valverde, followed by Darwin Nunez, allowed by a mixture of mistakes in the elimination of two defenders inside the area, controlled and distracted by Luis Suarez, and not completely stopped by Ziggy. And finally he was pinned down, centimeters from the line, his head, really with his soul, a bright blue ’10’, which clearly released all the anger contained in the players and the coach.

0-2, a few moments later after half an hour, it was another choral combination, set again by de Arascaeta with a beautiful right-footed shot. It all also came from Valverde, who connected the lines with Pellestri, and that in turn with Darwin Nunez on the edge of the area, who in turn, alongside him, linked up with Luis Suarez, who found the final player on the left. Goal. That wasn’t enough.

Because he was always on edge in the other duel which also affected him. Uruguay needed another goal to avoid looking suspicious in the other duel. A goal from the Asian national team, in the 1-1 draw they succumbed to in the other group match against Portugal, kept them on their toes, while the referee missed a penalty kick that seemed too obvious to Darwin Nunez, with a review embedded on the screen. Pellestri, forgive 3-0, Valverde fired a powerful shot… and Correa saved it.

– data sheet:

0 – Ghana: Zighy; Alidu, Amarti, Salisu, Rahman; Thomas, Abd al-Samad (Kirieh, died 72); Kodos, Andre Ayew (Bukari, 46), Jordan Ayew (Suleiman, M46); and Inaki Williams (Cemeno, m72).

2 – Uruguay: Rochette; Varela, Jimenez, Coates, Oliveira; Pellistri (De la Cruz, m. 65), Bentancur (Algar, m. 35), Valverde, De Arrascaeta; Darwin Nunez and Luis Suarez (Cavani, p. 65).

Goals: 0-1 m. 26: From Arrascaeta. 0-2, m. 32: from Arascaita.

Referee: Daniel Seibert (Germany). He blamed Uruguay’s Darwin Nunez (M20) and Luis Suarez (M60).

Incidents: The match corresponding to the third and final day of Group H of the Qatar World Cup 2022, which was held at Al Janoub Stadium in front of 43,443 spectators.