USAII™ Launches the Most-Awaited K-12 AI Certification for Young Minds from Grades 9 to 12


Stamford, CT, Sept 30, 2022 – The world’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) certifications provider, the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII™), has launched its exclusive K-12 AI certification program – Certified Artificial Intelligence Prefect (CAIP™). This program is for students who are undergoing STEM learning and are from grades 9 to 12.

Artificial Intelligence is not the future anymore, but it’s today. The current market size of AI is said to be USD 86.9 billion and is expected to increase to USD 407 billion by 2027, according to Markets and Markets. This growth is happening at a CAGR of 36.2%, which is fast enough to populate with a large number of opportunities in the job market. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), there will be 97 million jobs by 2026 and this number will only increase. Further, WEF has also mentioned the shortage of AI workforce – only 10% of the AI workforce is skilled in the world to pull off the right set of innovations, processes, and business.

This demands a new generation of AI workforce that doesn’t lack in skills and is industry-relevant to take up any technical and non-technical job. Considering the AI adoption in businesses from various industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Automobile, Entertainment, etc., children of today must enter the AI domain through learning. Gaining knowledge early in the AI domain will only help the children to perform better in academics and also in making better career choices.

The United States Artificial Intelligence (USAII™) has very carefully launched another prestigious AI certification program on Sept 26, 2022, keeping the interests of the AI industry and K-12 students in mind. According to the USAII™ Candidacy Office, the program is designed not only in a self-paced learning format but also has instructor-led learning. Both the learning formats are here important considering the learners are young. The program fee includes eBooks, videos, examination fees, the CAIP™ certificate, and a digital badge.

The USAII™ Management Office, including the Global Product Partner, Ajit K Jha, President and CEO, EdTechDigit Innovations, has mentioned the program as an exclusive program in the K-12 community due to the course content and the credential associated with it. Ajit says, “We are thrilled to come up with an AI program for the K-12 segment – students from grade 9 must start off their AI journey soon due to the immense opportunity they will get to scale in their future career. This program will not only empower them to build strong foundations of AI knowledge but also help them choose the right career path in AI.”


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