Use Pyramids As A Healing Power


If you’re reading this, it means you’re seeking for the best healing techniques to put your mind at ease and bring a sense of serenity into your life. You’ve come to the right place since the strategy we are presenting to you today is extremely important and has already aided over 1000 people. The highlight of the technique is that you will be healing from the natural energy itself rather than engaging in a destructive technique.

Heal Using Pyramid Power

If you enjoy reading about history and learning about new discoveries, you may be familiar with the healing properties of pyramids. It was an incredible method that the people learned from ancient humans, and they have been using it in their daily lives to witness the effects for themselves ever since. So much so that these pyramids have been placed over hospitals and clinics to absorb as much energy as possible via them.

However, Sri and Kira have taken this approach a step further by assisting innovative communities. People may now build a home for themselves to live and recover in the same spot, contributing to the tranquility. However, you may be wondering who Sri and Kira are. Sri and Kira are among the project’s pioneers who have taken up the challenge of constructing the World’s Largest Golden Ratio Bamboo Pyramid with distinctive components. This project entails the construction of 12 pyramids, one of which, The Pyramid of Peace, has already been built and is reaping its advantages.

For almost 20 years, they have also been publicly teaching the wisdom of releasing victim consciousness via the Yoga of Self-Ascension. This non-dogmatic knowledge has a proven track record of consistency in life-changing experiences, as evidenced by video testimonies from students aged 10 and above. This means that continuing your trip with them provides you with a full package capable of healing you from all-natural elements.

The Backstory

Sri and Kira are the power couple who have the substantial and spiritual understanding to the point that others are taken aback. They gave some true publicly recorded material on the seven polarities of freewill, which was published in 2015. However, after all this time, it is still proving to be accurate which is astounding.

Sri Ram Kaa almost died in Cuenca in March 2019 and elevated his vibrational rate by more than 100 points. This paved the way for him to gain bodily mastery and knowledge, which he now uses to cure the globe. Sri’s energy and intellect surprise the locals and physicians alike. He and Kira have unlocked the old cosmic wisdom and rewritten the course of her body. This has been extremely beneficial since they can now reverse aging and create inter-dimensional connections. They have successfully built and run three five-star Sacred Retreat Centers in various nations as a living example of how to live in peace, love, and joy.

By accompanying them on their journey, you may not only cure yourself but also leave a lasting legacy for future generations. You can even take classes from them from the convenience of your own home; visit their website now to find out more.