Smart Traveling to Visit Madinah

Madinah, commonly known as Medina, is located around 100 miles south of the Red Sea and also less than 300 miles from the sacred city of Makkah. As this is where our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was put to rest, it is one of the sanctified cities for everyone with profound Islamic beliefs. The tomb of Prophet Mohammad is housed at Masjid-al-Nabawi, which is recognizable by an extravagant green dome that stands above the sacred tomb. Per year, lots of people visit the city, and many people travel to Makkah for performing Hajj and Umrah also explore Madina.

What To Expect When Performing The Hajj And Umrah?

It is not necessary for you to visit Madina for any of the Hajj or Umrah rites, but most pilgrims include it in their itinerary because of its significance to the Muslim faith. You can remove your Ihram and dress comfortably, and many pilgrims discover that the outdoor markets and malls are less expensive than in Makkah. This allows you to feel more relaxed while shopping, dining, and seeing the Prophet Mohammad’s mosque (PBUH). You should change your mindset/thoughts and concentrate solely on the importance of the pilgrimage for which you move from Makkah to Madinah. Keep in mind the migration of Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) from Makkah and Madina, and also follow in his footsteps during your pilgrimage. It’s a great opportunity to wonder at Allah’s creation because the tour includes numerous magnificent and min-blowing mountains and landscapes.

What To Expect When Traveling For Business Or Recreation?

There is a link between the majority of recreational vacations to Madina and Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages, although the city also attracts a large number of businessmen each year. When you’re not enjoying the open markets or strolling through the streets in search of hidden food outlets and street sellers, there are a number of cultural and historical landmarks to visit, including:

  • Masjid-E-Quba is one of the world’s earliest mosques, dating back to the time of Prophet Muhammad.
  • The Hejaz Railway Museum displays historic train cars and other artifacts from the region’s ancient times.
  • Dar Al Madinah Museum – instructive exhibits on Saudi Arabia’s history, Religion, and Mohammad’s life.
  • Mount Of Uhud commemorates a significant battle that shaped Islamic civilization.

Although rental cars are accessible, the majority of visitors are unable to drive because they do not have valid Saudi driver’s licenses. These best and comfortable transportation facilities, if you plan in advance;

1. Walking is more prevalent in Middle Eastern regions than in many other places around the world. This is not to say that you will not require transportation to reach some places inside and across the city.

2. Buses are relatively inexpensive, but they are also significantly slower than cars. Several visitors prefer taking the bus as most Saudis’ driving habits are disruptive and disturbing. If you aren’t traveling quite far or even have the time to experience a leisurely ride, this is a good alternative.

3. You might join a tour by coach or mini-busses if you want to visit multiple sacred sites at once. You’ll usually pay in advance and then ride around town with other tourists and residents seeing the same sights. This is significantly faster than taking regular buses to about the same destinations.

4. Taxis are easy to come by, and they are far faster than so many buses. When the taxi is booked for you, you may usually bargain with the driver for a cost-effective price, or you may use the concierge services at your accommodation to negotiate suitable pricing.

Are You Becoming Enthusiastic About Visiting Madinah?

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