Videos of the ministry of Jesus


Stir up the water” is a phrase Jesus used not to call them to be passive observers of their culture and times, but to be proactive participants in bringing the Kingdom of God here on earth.

The literal translation of the word “Evangelize” means to share the good news. When Christians Evangelize, they share the good news of Jesus Christ with non-Christians. It is essentially a Biblical command for every Christian (Matthew 28:16-20).

When Jesus Christ walked on this Earth, He made a tremendous impact. He taught about the Kingdom of God and told how his followers should live their lives. Now, you can experience the ministry of Jesus from beginning to end. Enhance your understanding and appreciation of God’s Word as you hear Jesus tell the Parable of the Sower, preach the Sermon on the Mount and discuss why he came to earth.

This video series helps you better understand the ministry of Jesus as you watch Jesus through lenses unavailable to the authors of the Bible.

The biggest stories of the Bible are captured in this DVD box set of The Chosen. Most people know the stories of Jesus, but few have seen them told like this. This collection is also packed with exclusive footage and content you won’t find anywhere else.

The life of Jesus will come alive on screen, through the eyes and ears of those who lived at the side of Christ. Now the Good News will be better news. You’ll hear the voice of Jesus in Aramaic, with captions in English.

At this moment, as you read these words, Jesus is still calling. He has been calling you all your life. You are not just a dreamer or idealist; in his eyes, you are priceless, you are beloved. He never gives up when there is a human soul he can save from sin and death. Your heart was made for him, and he wants to make it his own forever. Remember that Jesus died only once. Love him above all things, and love him in the poor and needy.

In this four-session video Bible study, Pastor Derwin Gray shares how you can love your city and the twenty-three-hundred different people groups found there by identifying the way God uniquely designed you to impact the world. This is where faith moves from a head understanding to a heart activation and we become “doers” of the Word (James 1:22). This series offers practical tools and guidance on how you can find your voice as Jesus embraced a calling to heal the sick, feed the hungry, restore sinners, and raise the dead. As we move towards being Whole Life Christians, our next step is to have a comprehensive understanding of our uniqueness and to steward our gifts to love others well.

And Jesus said unto them, “I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

Enjoy watching Jesus ministry unfold with these videos of the gospel accounts and other episodes from His life! Includes The Chosen, The Chosen app and Chosen TV series, in English and Spanish

Stirring up the water was an act of expectation. Every person would long to see good health come out of the well in that other form – that is, through a miracle. Every person stood waiting with this thought in mind – anywhere between faith and unbelief – that something must happen to me! Perhaps today is my turn!

Unlike most traditional film productions, these videos were made specifically for a screen, and they’re as entertaining as they are informative. Hand-drawn animations, live actors, and original music bring the ministry of Jesus to life. A great tool to reinforce your teaching and help students engage with Scripture!

These inspiring videos contain stirring, yet delicate renderings of the most beloved experiences in the ministry of Jesus Christ. They will stir your soul with the all-encompassing love that He has for you.