Vietnamese Government Crackdown on Counter-Government Using AI on Social Media

Viet Nam Government's Strict Measures Against Counter-Government

Vietnamese Government Crackdown on Counter-Government Using AI on Social Media

Amidst the continuous development of technology, the question about the role of artificial intelligence or AI in society is timely. One of the main areas where this technology weighs in is public art and social platforms, such as social media. While there are positive benefits that the use of AI brings in this field, there are also countries that value being critical of this technology, especially if it is used to spread anti-government content. An example of this is the country of Vietnam.

In the country of Vietnam, the government plays an important role in controlling and monitoring the content that spreads on social media platforms. The Vietnamese government aims to maintain the country’s order and security, so it restricts the use of AI for monitoring social media content that may cause unrest and public unrest. However, despite these intentions, some issues regarding freedom of the press and violation of human rights are also emerging.

The use of AI in social media monitoring provides a quick and effective way to identify and analyze posts, comments, and messages that may contain anti-government ideas. With the help of AI, the process of identifying potential spreaders of anti-government content is much easier, allowing authorities to take immediate action. But, behind this technology, the government is also becoming a vigilante to the citizens, especially their human rights, such as freedom of expression.

The right to express is a fundamental right of every individual. By banning anti-government content, citizens’ freedom of expression may be sacrificed, especially if it does not actually pose a threat to national security. This may make citizens afraid to share their opinions and views, and may lead to the loss of true democracy in the country.

In order to ensure that the Vietnamese government does not become abusive in the use of AI in social media monitoring, it is important that there are adequate mechanisms and mechanisms for investigating and evaluating government actions. It must be ensured that this is done in a fair, transparent, and just manner, without violating the human rights of citizens.

As technology advances and the use of AI becomes more widespread in various aspects of society, a careful and critical view of its use in the public interest is needed. Exploiting technology for the purpose of political control can be dangerous and cause more anxiety than progress. Being cautious and critical is an important reflection of a free and democratic society, and we need to promote it at all costs.