Vietnam’s president wants comprehensive cooperation with Bangladesh


Vietnam’s president wants comprehensive cooperation with Bangladesh

President Vo Van Thuong on Tuesday suggested Vietnam and Bangladesh step up all-level delegation exchanges, thus strengthening their comprehensive cooperation.

At a Hanoi reception for outgoing Ambassador of Bangladesh Samina Naz, the leader highlighted the traditional relationship between the two countries, saying Bangladesh was among the very few South Asian nations that established diplomatic ties with Vietnam 50 years ago.

Vietnam and Bangladesh share many similarities in economic development as both have paid attention to foreign investment attraction based on their abundant workforce, he said, suggesting them cooperate and exchange experience in this field.

Thuong shared Naz’s view that the Vietnam-Bangladesh relationship is developing fruitfully, with two-way trade jumping four-fold over the past decade and the two countries striving to raise the value to US$2 billion in the coming years.

Apart from trade, the two countries should boost collaboration in other spheres, while maintaining their mutual support at regional and global multilateral forums, he continued.

Vietnam supports the enhancement of the relations between Bangladesh and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to which Vietnam is a member, the leader emphasised.

Thuong commended contributions by the ambassador to the bilateral friendship and cooperation during her six-year tenure in Vietnam, and expressed his belief that Naz, in any position, will contribute more to the relationship.

The President asked the diplomat to convey his regards to President of Bangladesh Mohammed Shahabuddin.

For her part, Naz also conveyed greetings and regards from President Shahabuddin to his Vietnamese counterpart.–2023-no-more-bets-hd/home–2023-creation-of-the-gods/home–2023/home–2023/home–2023-papa/home

The ambassador congratulated Vietnam on its achievements across spheres, and its advanced position in the international arena, stressing Bangladesh always hopes to learn from Vietnam’s experience.

Naz said she believes that the bilateral relationship will grow further in the time ahead, especially in tourism, including spiritual tourism.

The diplomat also noted her belief that under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) headed by General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng, the country will reap more achievements in the future, and her wish to work as goodwill ambassador of Vietnam in the time ahead