Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook in 2023?

Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook in 2023?

Facebook has long been one of the most well-known websites and social media platforms. One of its first features was the ability to upload personal images and videos to your account. You can check your views and count the number of people who have watched your video clip, just like on YouTube.

But can you see who watches your Facebook videos? This article will show you how to track who watches your Facebook videos and how to access the statistics for your uploaded clips. If you frequently submit video clips to the platform, read on to learn more.

Can You See Who Views Your Videos On Facebook?

If you want to know who saw my Facebook videos, you’ll have to work hard. Facebook will show you how many people saw your video on your profile, but no other information will be provided. According to Facebook’s security policies, it will not reveal the activities of other members. If they give you a ‘like’ or another response, you’ll know they’ve seen it.

There is currently no way to see who has viewed videos posted to your individual Facebook account or your Facebook Fan Page. You can see the number of likes, messages, and emojis for each video you’ve published on each user account. Under the Insights menu, Facebook does provide more detailed data for videos posted to Facebook Business Pages.

The video statistics will change depending on whether you produced the clip or reposted a movie. Producers have access to comprehensive video statistics such as a persistence graph, average viewing period, thirty-second views, and a complete split of views (unique/repeat, auto-play/click to play).

Anyone who has reposted the clips on their websites can view summary statistics on the categories and broad social backgrounds of the visitors. They will also receive a visual representation of the reposted video’s daily views as well as information on sponsored vs. genuine engagement with the reposted video.

For a Single Video’s Insights

Scroll to the top right of the page and click Publishing Settings.

Choose a video from the video library.

Then, on the right, you can explore the various sections.

This will give you more information about the video’s progress. As an illustration:

Time Viewed: This displays the number of minutes a clip from Page’s post, cross-posts, and shared posts was viewed.

10-Second Views: This tells you how many times someone viewed your clip for at least ten seconds, or the entire video view if it’s less than ten seconds.

Audience and Engagement: This will include data on fan reactions, comments, and likes. If you receive at least 100 visits, you will also receive user preferences.

See Views Through Live Stream

When you go for a Livestream or live broadcast, you can observe your viewers via the live stream control screen. However, you will only know the viewer numbers after the event and not their identities. Other ways to see who is watching your content include live discussions and interactions (likes and reactions).

When a recording show is made available after a live broadcast, you will only see the number of people who watched that video. If you’ve ever wondered, “Does Facebook show who views your videos?” It will only appear during a Facebook Live stream and will not appear during previously released or archived live streams. You can find out who watched your video by interacting with your followers in the comments section.

  • Send the video to your selected contacts via Messenger.
  • Post the video into your Facebook stories.
  • Tag them in the video


Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Story?

Facebook stories are an excellent way to track who has viewed your videos on Facebook. You will be able to see how many people saw your post as well as who saw it. Upload your video to the Facebook Stories tab if it is brief enough. If the video is lengthy, however, repost it in the stories. As a result, the answer to the question “Can you see who views your Facebook Story?” is yes. This feature was added to the social network to allow businesses and individuals to track the frequency of their posts and determine which connections were active and which were not.


You won’t know who watched your video and who didn’t until your contacts actively engage with your content and videos. They can respond with a like, emojis, or a message beneath the video. When someone shares your video, you must be able to view it. Aside from that, neither the smartphone app nor the Facebook website can breach Facebook’s security barrier. If a third-party program offers such a feature, be wary of how genuine it is and consider whether you want to trust an unknown program with all of your Facebook data.