Vital BigCommerce SEO Services During The Upcoming Recession


Everyone is talking about the upcoming recession and how it will impact the world of eCommerce and online shopping.

We hear a lot about rising prices and some products mysteriously disappearing from shelves. Others like to mention shrinkflation or how some manufacturers are reducing the size and volume of their products so they do not have to increase asking prices. The cost of filling the tank is through the roof, and everyone is losing their minds.

But, what does it all mean?

I remember that back in early 2020 everyone panicked as the pandemic seemed to be growing in importance. When summer hit, a lot of outlets reported that retailers and shopping malls were closing doors and announced a great recession.

However, soon there were reports of a big shift in consumer behavior as most people turned to online shopping for survival, education, work, and entertainment. Suddenly, eCommerce shot through the roof, and millions of new businesses saw unprecedented growth.

The impact was so big that many declared that the eCommerce industry had jumped 10 years ahead in only three months, and BigCommerce SEO services were in high demand.

Here are some lessons we learned from that experience that will help your online store weather the upcoming storm:

Get Rid of Dead Inventory
There are low-margin products we like to offer for the sake of diversification. However, they take up space both in our inventories and our category pages, so they´re costing us money. The sensible thing to do is to get rid of it fast. A good strategy is to put all of it on clearance, that is a golden opportunity to attract additional traffic, return customers, and increase shopping cart value.

Make Your Brand Prevalent
When recession hits it does not mean your business is dead. It only means that all of our pet projects need to be put on hold. Most consumers are rearranging their priorities and are limiting their transactions to products and brands they trust.

If you were smart enough to partner up with the best BigCommerce SEO services for the last few years, now is the time to reap what you sowed. Your most valuable audience is the one that has already heard of your product or service, making client retention a MUST. Fortunately for us, BigCommerce has incredible tools to increase returning sales, remarketing, and staying in touch with your loyal customers.

If you haven’t worked on your branding, then you need to hire expert BigCommerce SEO service providers pronto.

Don’t Neglect Your SEO
For many businesses, it is tempting to stop all investment in marketing and SEO, especially when they seem to have such a long-term focus. However, you need to think about 3 things:

1.Consumers are going to buy only from those they can find easily in searches.
2.Google will not stop improving its search algorithms regardless of the current state of the economy, and if your company cannot keep up with them, it will get buried.
3.Those who stop creating high-quality content that’s optimized will never be found when things start improving because competition will never stop.

SEO will continue to be the best tool for driving traffic to your website for at least the next two decades. It has survived major recessions and will continue to do so unless the world goes back to the dark ages, which is unlikely. But you need to know what you’re doing and work with real experts in the field so you know your marketing budget will be worth every penny. 1Digital Agency has proven to be the best BigCommerce SEO services provider given its performance during and after the pandemic. If you value your business and want it to come out stronger when this all ends, visit 1DigitalⓇ Agency today.

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