Mad Vlad’s “Dad’s Army” are shooting each other so they can be medically evacuated – rather than fight the Ukrainians.

Russian conscripts surrendered near Kherson telling their captors that hundreds had paid their mates to shoot them and ensure they would be sent home.

Others claimed many soldiers had committed suicide, while more than 200 surrendered to Zelenky’s forces begging for food and water – stating that they had not eaten in more than a week.

A Ukrainian commander revealed on social media that Russian conscripts have deliberately wounded each rather than fight,

He said “These guys don’t want to be here, many shot each other to make sure they would be sent home for treatment, but many were left and are now in our custody.

“For them it is a mess, but it is their mess. Our President has told them repeatedly to surrender or go home, they cannot win”

Thousands of conscripts called up are middle aged and revealed during questioning that they had to dig trenches with bayonets, were given blankets instead of sleeping bags and had not been fed.

Others spoke of being given weapons and issued a training manual to use it but receiving no practical instruction before boarding buses and taken direct to the front.

Putin’s military commanders have committed 170,000 troops to the operation in Ukraine and sustained more than 30,000 deaths and 40,000 serious injuries.

His 300,000 strong army is under serious pressure as 70,000 regular battlefield replacement have been deployed – forcing the Kremlin to call up more than 200,000 conscripts.

Angus Crawley, a former British Army intelligence officer, said Russian commanders have over extended their forces and now cannot resupply them.

He said : “ Putin has more than half his Army in Ukraine and they have been deployed for months, they will need to be replaced but he has little left to send to the front.

“This tells me that the war cannot last much longer than next Spring, his troops are exhausted and he is running out of missiles – one option might be to get Belarus to join the war”

Moscow is now buying weapons from Belarus and Iran as Jeremy Fleming the head of the Uk’s spy agency GCHQ said Russia ’s soldiers are running out of supplies and munitions.