8 Warning Signs of Dementia To Note in Loved Ones


As we age, our memory and cognitive abilities may naturally decline. Dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects a person’s memory, thinking, and behavior, which can profoundly impact their quality of life. If you have a loved one who is getting older, it’s essential to be aware of the warning signs of dementia. Millions of people all over the world suffer from the diseases.

In this article, we’ll explore 8 warning signs of dementia to note in loved ones. So that you can seek treatment and support as early as possible. 

8 Warning Signs of Dementia To Note in Loved Ones

  • Sings of Memory Loss

Usually, the first warning sign of dementia is a loss of memory. This could include forgetting important dates or events, repeating questions, or needing help remembering familiar faces. Sometimes it is normal to forget names or appointments, but it could be concerning if it becomes a frequent occurrence. It is possible for anyone to misplace their wallet or keys. However, someone suffering from dementia may place things in inappropriate locations. It might be an iron in the freezer or a wristwatch hidden in the sugar bowl.

  • Experiencing Mood Swings and losing interest 

Dementia can also cause mood swings and personality changes. A person suffering from dementia may become more agitated, irritable, or depressed than usual. Have you noticed that your mom or dad is also becoming withdrawn or disinterested in the activities they used to enjoy? Then it may be a warning sign of dementia. 

Have you noticed that your loved one has suddenly lost interest in activities they once enjoyed? Your mom used to read or garden every day but is no longer motivated to do so. It’s important to pay attention to their unusual behavior as they get older. You can search for home care near me to offer them complete support. 

  • Confusion

Dementia can confuse, particularly around time and place. A dementia patient may get lost in familiar surroundings. They also need help recognizing familiar objects or people or forgetting where they are or how they got there.  One of the early signs of dementia is forgetting where they are or not knowing how to get home.

  • Problem With Language 

People with dementia may struggle to find the right words or complete sentences. Dementia sufferers may also forget simple words or substitute words, making it difficult to understand them. They may also struggle to understand what others are saying or misinterpret their words. 

  • Poor Judgment

Dementia can affect a person’s judgment as well as their ability to make decisions. They may make poor choices, such as giving away large sums of money or trusting strangers with personal information. Changing judgment or decision-making may prevent the person from recognizing a medical problem or wearing heavy clothing in hot weather. To avoid any hazardous situation, you have to look for 24-hour care near me.

  • Difficulty in doing daily tasks

Dementia patients may have trouble completing routine tasks like cooking or cleaning. There is also a possibility that they will need help with following directions or performing complex tasks. When your loved one forgets how to make a recipe or needs help assembling furniture, it could be a sign of dementia. You should look for dementia care near me

  • Changes in Behavior

People with dementia may experience changes in behavior, such as wandering or pacing. They become more suspicious or paranoid or display inappropriate behavior in social situations.

  • Difficulty with Familiar Tasks

People with dementia may have difficulty performing familiar tasks that they have done for years. This could include forgetting how to dress, brush their teeth, or use household appliances.

If you notice one or more of these warning signs in a loved one, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Dementia cannot be cured, but early diagnosis and treatment can slow its progression.

Approaching the topic of dementia with a loved one can be difficult, but it’s important to do so in a sensitive and understanding manner.

You must take care of your loved ones if you have noticed early signs of dementia. They need regular care and support.

Be prepared to offer support and assistance as needed and to have an open and honest conversation about your loved one’s wishes and desires for their care and treatment. 

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