DC’s musician homage to John Paul Leon consists of portraits of Fixed, Catwoman, Batman, the Question, and – from Watchmen’s Dave Gibbons – Rorschach. Dave Gibbons has revived among Watchmen’s most significant personalities, Rorschach, to develop a touching homage to the late comic musician John Paul Leon. Leon died in May of 2021 after a 14 year fight with cancer cells. Numerous musicians set up a gallery of tributes to Leon in the Batman/Catwoman Unique, the artist’s last attributed benefit DC.

John Paul Leon’s renowned occupation started researching under musicians such as Walter Simonson and Will Eisner at New York’s College of Aesthetic Arts. He provided pencils for the miniseries RoboCop: Prime Defendant, and later on attracted for the Landmark title, Fixed – a possibility that released his occupation benefiting DC and Wonder. Leon functioned with authors such as Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Kurt Busiek to craft precious titles consisting of Planet X and Batman: Animal of the Evening. After passing away, Wonder and DC’s titles throughout the first week of June consisted of tributes from significant numbers in the comic industry. With the launch of Batman/Catwoman Unique #1, more comic book symbols have integrated to recognize Leon’s significant occupation.

The comic consists of a collection of several industry numbers recognizing the late John Paul Leon, but amongst the items is a brand-new sketch of Rorschach by Watchmen musician Dave Gibbons. Gibbons’ item is an tattooed, black and white photo of the fan-favorite personality. Looking dead facility at the reader, Rorschach statements “John Paul Leon? Excellent male, attracted well. Black and white, never ever compromised.” in the brief speech pattern he was popular for. Gibbons’ heartwarming praises delivered through the mouthpiece of Rorschach talk several facts about how well-regarded Leon remained in the comic book community.

Michael Davis’ declaration in Batman/Catwoman Unique #1 credit scores John Paul Leon’s art as a adding factor to the personality Static’s worldwide fandom, production Denys Cowan and Chris Sotomayor’s homage art of the personality specifically appropriate. Any individual that has a look at Leon’s uncolored art work can see how well he used darkness to develop effective, vibrant setups that included a trademark atmosphere to the tales he serviced, with this proficiency of monochrome art reflected in Gibbons’ choice of Rorschach. Tributes from Dani & Tamra Bonvillain and Becky Cloonan express the despair of the comic community to shed a precious coworker, blended with a party of his amazing body of work.

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