Ways to Clean Your Kitchen before Moving


If you are moving to or from Hyderabad then this blog is definitely going t help you out with some amazing tips to clean your kitchen before you move out. Even if you are hiring the best packers and movers in Hyderabad, it is important to clean your kitchen before you move out of the current house.

Cleaning the while kitchen for the last time can prove to be daunting task for sure. Starting from the greasy residue that sticks to the stove and the dust outside the cupboards, much of it gets stick over the period you live in that. Removing those stubborn spots from the tiles is something that can make you feel frustrated and tired.

Whatever it takes, it is very important to keep your kitchen clean enough when you are moving

So here are some of the tips to clean your kitchen deeply before you move:

Supplies Required

Before starting, it is important to arrange for all the cleaning supplies. You can buy them from the store that provides with it, there are many homemade products that are very effective, if not even more so. You can decide you are going to arrange for them, you can also use a combination of both. Here’s what you’ll need to get started.

• Gloves for cleaning

• Cleaning towels

• Microfiber cloth

• Cleaning paper

• Various cleaners

• Soap

• Oven cleaner

• Shampoo for slap

For homemade items you can go for these:

• Vinegar

• Baking powder

• Lemon

• Salt

Things you need to do before 3 months of moving

• Getting started with the process of cleaning is definitely going to reduce your stress when you will be busy with the preparation of your move. You can take out sometime by cooking during weeknights or an hour or two during the weekends.

• You should know what all is important for you. If you can go without eating waffles for 3 week then you can clean and pack the waffle maker.

• You can start to pack such items that you hardly use

• Make use of scrub and clean each cupboard and drawer as you make them empty. Clean the inner area as well with an all-purpose cleaner or a mixture homemade cleaner of vinegar and water.

• Start taking making a list of all the refrigerator’s contents. We know that it is very early for a deep cleaning; but it will help you ones you are done with such things on an early basis.

Two weeks before the move

As you keep on packing the items that you hardly use in your kitchen, make sure you pay some attention to your appliances. You’ll perhaps have to clean and wipe their exterior on moving day, but by doing the deep cleaning now, you will have more time to look at other important things on the moving day.


• Take all the racks out of your over, and according to the sizes of the racks, you can clean them according the cleaning guides in the user manual.

• By the time, you can clean the oven’s interior thoroughly. If you are using some solution for oven then make sure you switch it off and unplug it properly and then follow manufacturer’s instructions.

• You can also make the cleaning solution at home by taking some dish wash and vinegar to spray the interior. Let stand five minutes. The take a sponge and clean the exterior as well.


Take all the racks out and keep them on one side

• Remove the screws and bolts of the filter so that the water can rinse. Take some cleaner with hot water and dish soap, using a toothbrush clean all the stubborn spots from the interior. Repeat the same process with the inner filters.

• Take all the arms from the washer. Rinse with hot water, clean it properly to remove all the dust and dirt. You can make use of toothpick to remove the debris from the arm holes.

• Then you can spray the solution in the interior of the house.

• Place the racks in the dishwasher again

Two days before moving

Some of the cleaning as to be left until the last few days of the move come up. Though, if you are doing some of it for sometime then you must know everything about your kitchen cleaning mission.


• Start with the refrigerator by taking out all items, including the ones in the freezer. Make sure you check the expired items as well before keeping them for use.

• Take out all the removable shelves and drawers. Soak them in some solution or just soap and water.

• Wipe down the interior with the solution that you have brought for it or mixture of one cup water, one cup vinegar and some of the soap solution.

• It here is any stubborn spots or debris then you can clean them as well with a baking soda and water paste.

• Clean all the shelves and all the drawers so that you can start cleaning the exterior as well

• Keep all the items again in the refrigerator

• Clean the exterior as well. If your fridge is made of steel mix one part vinegar to two parts water and then wipe it with the help of cloth.


• Pour some water in a bowl. Cut one lemon and then put some lemon juice and add lemon halves. Microwave it for some time, and then keep it in the microwave for some time.

• Remove the bowl and then wipe the interior surface. The steam in it will loosen all food particles, but if not, then you can make use of baking soda as well.

• Clean the exterior with some cleaner that is used for all purposes, dish soap and water or a mixture of vinegar and water. Then dry the interior well.

If you are hiring movers and packers Hyderabad then also this cleaning is required to be done by you.