There is always a debate between  Android users and iOS users, whether Android is better or iOS. The people who use Android have their problems, which is the same with iOS users. I am an Android user, and in my opinion, there are many ways one can customize one Android device. Right over here, we feature plenty of articles, blog posts and much more for all your tech-related needs. We’re focused on giving you the finest tech knowledge with specialized tech-tips for various Android, iOS devices, and all your software needs

  • The first thing one can make their device more pleasing to look at and more interesting is to customize the background.

There are many options to change one’s phone’s background. You can use the default wallpapers (which are already downloaded on your device), or you can download pictures, posters, and live-moving wallpapers on your phone. People also use their favorite actors and actresses,  photos of their idols, scenery, mountains, clouds, etc. You can also have different wallpapers for your home screen and your lock screen. You can change the wallpaper on the chat window of your WhatsApp. Changing the wallpapers also gives a new outlook to your device. One will never be “bored” of their mobile screens if one keeps changing their wallpapers and backgrounds.


  • The second most common way to customize your Android is to change the font styling of your mobile phone. 

You can change the font styles, sizes, colors, and many more keyboard options. Regularly changing the patterns and styling of your Android keyboard keeps you motivated to work with the new design that you chose on your own. There are endless options to change the fonts of your device. Android keyboards can be customized with different colors, fonts, sizes, and shapes. There are numerous types of keypads available. You can also add symbols and signs on the keyboard to make work easy for yourself.  

You can also customize emojis and create stickers and add them to your keyboard. Customization for your emoticons and stickers is also easier for WhatsApp on Android devices. Using different emojis, symbols and stickers make your conversation more interesting and amusing. In today’s world, where we use our mobile phones 24 hours a day, we use the keyboard to distribute information to different people. Keyboards are our best friends, and we should take care of them! Styling your keyboard and customization fonts gives the device a new design,  and we can change the look every time we wish.


  • The third customization that comes to mind is to activate the different shortcut buttons and numerous button combinations. 

Androids have many shortcut techniques and tools that we can use in our daily lives and start from the settings of our mobile phones. Customization of these shortcuts is also available in a very vast field. Changing the patterns and using these shortcut techniques and patterns makes working easy. For, e.g., while taking a screenshot, we most commonly use the variety of the volume button and the switch screen button. It helps us to quicken our work in easy ways. Split-screen is also an option we can use on our phones. We don’t have to switch apps from time to time, everything is visible on one screen, and we can adjust them to our needs.


  • Changing the minor details of our Android device, like a clock, the notification bar, the application icons, etc., is one of the few effective ways to customize Android devices. 

The notification bar contains most of the information we need. Changing the color and pattern of the notification bar also gives our mobile a new face. You can also experiment with dark and light themes to make your device like a new mobile. When we change the theme of our phones, the applications’ themes can also be altered accordingly, which gives the mobile a new feeling. We can also change the icons on the notification bar according to our needs. They can also be used as shortcut buttons for performing different functions. 

There are a lot of options and tools to customize our notification bars. The clock is always shown on the screen, and we always look at it to know the time. Looking at the same clock every day might make it boring, but we can customize the clocks and other widgets. It makes the screen more attractive. You can also change application icons and create groups to take less space on the home screen. Organizing your phone makes it easy to handle and makes it look less polluted.


  • The fifth way your Androids can be customized is to experiment with the sound and volume options. 

We change the caller screen, the ringtone, and the message tunes of our mobile from time to time, making it less irritating. Every time we have a caller, we’ll see a new screen pop up, and our favorite song is playing as our ringtone. It’ll automatically make our mood better and might even help with the conversation. Changing the alarm tunes also helps us with waking up on time and following our routine. 

A tip: I put the most irritating noise as my alarm tune so that I was up to that no matter what!

Android mobiles are nice and easy to use. The Android Operating System offers a level of customizability even without rooting your device. Android devices have tons of customization options, and users can choose accordingly. 

This is what sets Android devices apart from iOS devices. On an iOS device, a user has to jailbreak the device to tweak settings and play around with different styles and formats. Jailbreaking an iPhone or iOS device voids the warranty. Apple’s policy restricts the company from taking responsibility for any damage or harm caused to the device software or hardware after Jailbreaking. Android devices offer these features without compromising on device security and privacy. If playing around with your phone’s settings, changing themes, tweaking your device environment is what you like, Android devices are for you. We can use different phone covers to make our mobiles look more stylish. The inbuilt features of Android devices are also nice, and it is easy to customize the mobile.