6 Ways To Keep The Shoes From Odor


Shoes smell stinky after some time of use, this is due to the sweat on your feet and socks that makes the shoes smelly. The bacteria and fungi grow in places where there is sweat, wetness, and warmth. These bacteria keep the shoes smell awful for a long time. After knowing the cause of the smell in the shoes, check if the insoles of your shoes are torn. If they are torn then the sweat has gone inside the shoes. Change the insoles of your shoes first. Replacing your shoe insoles can help in making your shoe odor-free and will make you feel good around people.

You don’t need to buy new shoes, you can make your shoes odorless by using some tips and tricks. Here we will be discussing some points and ways to keep the shoes free from bad odor.

Wash Your Feet:

If the smell in your shoes comes from the bacteria and fungus, try washing your feet with soap every day after taking shower, it will help the bacteria and fungus to kill and keeps your feet sweat-free.

Wear Socks:

The main reason for the odor in the shoes is the sweat on the feet. The cotton socks can absorb the moisture of your feet and keeps your shoes dry. Try wearing the cut socks under heels or pump pies as well where it only covers your heel, side and bottom, and front area of the feet.

Apply Baking Soda to Shoes:

Sprinkle some amount of baking soda in your shoes at night so that it will absorb all the moisture and take out the excess baking soda before wearing the shoes the other day. 

Wash the Shoes:

Wash the shoes with regular detergent or surf as used for clothes. And you can also wash your shoes in a washing machine. If they are made of rubber or plastic. Otherwise, you can wash with hands. If you wash the shoes and insoles separately clean everything nicely and air dries them. Then keep in sunlight so that moisture is completely absorbed by the sunlight.

Using Deodorant on Feet:

Using deodorant on your feet will help the shoes to be smell free. Use deodorant on your feet every day before wearing shoes.

Place Shoes in Cool Place:

Keeping the shoes in a cool and dry place will inhibit the bacteria to breathe freely and will stop its growth.  You can also keep your shoes in a freezer but not for too long because by freezing the adhesives used in shoes will degrade and the shoes will not be used for a long time.

Another way to keep your shoe odor-free is using baby powder. Also try black tea bags which are helpful to kill bacteria, using medicated foot powder which has the properties which help to kill the bacteria and fungus, and sprinkle the powder into the shoes to keep the shoes from bacteria. You can also purchase these products online from the brands that care for your shoes and repair them and to get them at an affordable price, visit OffOnShoes to get discount codes. Athletes must check out Redeem On Sports, so they can get sports shoes, socks, and accessories at a discount. By availing of the active discount codes available online. 

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