What makes a great wedding video?

Most weddings covered by videographers or photographers will cost a few thousand dollars. However, 9 out of 10 times the videos the couples receive are boring and do not Hochzeitsvideo capture the real experience. So, it’s no wonder that watching your own wedding video is a dull experience because the real theme and the fun you had at your wedding seems missing. This is why if you’re going to hire a professional wedding videographer you should watch their videos before choosing them.

It should be fun and entertaining

Your wedding video should be fun and entertaining whilst capturing the real moment that you experienced together. The video should capture all the fun moments that you’ll remember a decade from now. Everything from the tears to the dance floor should be on there. You should be able to easily get through the first 10 minutes of the video without falling asleep thanks to great close ups, all the best moments, and well framed long shots of your entire function room or outdoor space.

A well edited video that captures the real moments

Wedding videos regardless of where they are shot need to be properly edited. The right videographer will know exactly how to piece together all the footage shot at the wedding so that it appears to be one seamless shot but with only the best bits of your wedding. Each and every shot which is pieced together needs to have flow, rhythm, upbeat music, punch cuts, scene dynamics etc.

Colour Grading for your wedding video

The final touch added to a wedding video is called ‘colour grading’. Colour grading is a very important part of the process and often times the videographer needs to have over a decade of industry experience to get it right. The right colour grading will give your movie a look similar to what you’ll see in professional movies like the Minority Report or The Matrix (both movies use a style termed as “Bleach Bypass”). However, wedding movies require a different type of artistic treatment and it is important that the service you hire has this experience because the right touch will make your wedding video jump off screen with detail!

Equipment that a wedding videographer should have

Before you hire a wedding videographer make sure that they have the right equipment. Many services may claim that they use the best cameras and lighting equipment but this may not actually be the case. Nowadays, any wedding videographer worth considering should use a High Definition camera that can record in 1080p.

Hiring a wedding videographer can be tricky but if you follow some of the steps above you should find the right one for your wedding. However, please take your time to look Hochzeitsvideo around and watch a few sample videos from each videographer you are considering prior to deciding on one.

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