What Are The Advantages Of Using Power BI?

What Are The Advantages Of Using Power BI?
What Are The Advantages Of Using Power BI?


Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence suite of reporting and data visualization services for businesses. It helps you convert your raw data into dashboards and visualizations. This provides you with better analysis to spot trends and patterns. And lastly, get actionable insights to make better and enhanced business decisions. You can learn to work on this business suite with Power BI Online Training in India. Power BI consists of different elements that usually work together to let you create and share business insights. They also offer various products based on your business requirements.

What benefits do you enjoy while working on the Power BI platform?

Transforms personalized dashboards into interactive reports:

Power BI is better known for its personalized dashboards. It helps you customize your requirements to suit your business needs. It also hosts an intuitive and interactive visualization. Additionally, with its easy drag-and-drop functionality, your employees can easily generate custom reports. It however becomes easier to choose from limitless options and deliver powerful models and visualizations.

Offers access to real-time information:

Your dashboards usually update in real-time. As data is pushed or streams in, the dashboard will quickly display and update your visuals with the new updated information, several times per day. This further enables your staff to solve problems quickly, identify opportunities, and handle time-sensitive data, or situations more efficiently.

Supports a long range of data sources and integrations:

You can import data from multiple ranges of data sources. Power BI easily integrates with all Microsoft products, like Dynamics 365, Azure, Excel, and many more. It further provides data connectivity with third-party tools and solutions, such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Hadoop, Spark, and many more. It also helps you connect to all data files (such as XML and JSON) and also SQL server databases. This ensures you will be able to connect to all types of data sources for your analysis and reports.

Provides an unparalleled Excel integration:

Many businesses today heavily rely on Excel for their analytics and reporting efforts. Power BI further allows seamless integration with Excel. It becomes easier to connect queries, data models, and reports to Power BI dashboards and develops interactive visualizations.

Cost-effective and affordable:

In comparison to other analytics tools, Power BI is relatively cheap and affordable for small and mid-sized businesses. It even provides multiple versions to pick the one that best suits your business.

Constantly brings Updates:

Another significant feature of Microsoft Power BI is its regular monthly updates on its platform. Microsoft even listens to the Power BI community suggestions and implements the most asked-for functionality on a regular basis. This ensures users always have access to the latest and advanced features to help make accurate business decisions.

Deploy multiple dashboards with Power BI Apps:

In some companies, business users may need multiple Power BI dashboards and reports to run their business. With Power BI apps available for Power BI Pro users, you can easily deploy a collection of purpose-built dashboards and reports. And efficiently distribute them to your whole organization or specific groups of people. This feature also allows report developers access to customize navigation. It actually helps viewers find content quickly and understand the relationships between various reports and dashboards.

Benefits of AI:

You can enjoy the benefits of the latest advances of Microsoft AI’s help non-data scientists prepare data, build machine learning models, and find insights quickly. Usually from both structured and unstructured data, also including text and images.

You don’t require specialized technical support:

Being a self-service business intelligence platform, Power BI allows your staff to develop analyses as well as reports without help from the technical or IT team. It also supports a natural language interface, uses interactive graphic design tools, and offers simple drag-and-drop functionality to create dashboards.

Easy to access from anywhere:

Power BI enables easy access for you and your team to reports and dashboards from anywhere. Doesn’t matter if you’re on a way to a client meeting, working from home, or even on the go. As long as you have an active internet connection, you can instantly access your reports.


Microsoft Power BI definitely can be the right tool for your business. Certainly, if you are looking for reporting and analytical capabilities beyond Excel. Moreover, Power BI allows easier visualization and analysis of your data across your entire business. Hence, add a Power BI Certification to your career to add more credibility to your skills and move ahead in your career.