weinor glass room

The benefit of the Weinor Glass Room is that it provides a cleaner and healthier home. The room has no visible light, so bacteria, mould, and dust mites cannot easily grow. The design also helps reduce the amount of heating and cooling required, so you won’t need to spend money on expensive energy bills.

Weinor is a German company that designs and manufactures innovative glass wall systems. These days, glass walls have become more fashionable, and many people install them in their homes. 

Where Can You Install a Weinor Glass Room?

1. Office Buildings:

The Weinor Glass Room can cover a shared room ceiling of a few offices. That is because the glass wall has a low thermal conductivity and can help save considerable energy costs. In this case, it is best to install the board on two floors so that occupants can use the working space on their floor and spend the rest of the time on their home downtime.

2. Residential Apartments:

The privacy of the homes of single people or couples is not compromised. The glass wall can be installed on the home with or without windows. That is important because it will still function as a barrier between domestic spaces, and when you want to go shopping at the supermarket, you will use the glass wall to go through without feeling like a prisoner.

3. Shopping Malls:

The glass wall can be used as the main attraction when installed in shopping malls. Some parts of the walls will be set up as a showcase. When shopping malls are open to the public, they can use Weinor Glass Room walls to attract consumers while simultaneously providing a safe barrier from possible hazards in case of fire.

4. Healthcare facilities:

For medical facilities, there is no doubt that you need to ensure sufficient protection for patients and healthcare workers. The Weinor Glass Room is part of the solution. You can install the board, so it becomes part of the room’s door, or you can install it as a separate wall resistant to air infiltration and commonly used chemicals, temperature, and noise.

5. Mixed-Use Buildings:

Some buildings are for residential purposes and provide shared facilities such as gyms, cinemas, swimming pools, restaurants, etc. The Weinor Glass Room can be installed above these shared spaces to provide a clean and hygienic environment. 

In addition, when you install the glass wall in the common areas, you will not have to worry about an additional firewall. In other words, it is a space-saving solution that can be used as a partition in hundreds of ways.


The benefits of the Weinor glass room are clear. You can save energy. It is non-toxic to humans and animals, completely recyclable, and durable. Being “transparent” or opaque also allows for flexibility when designing interiors.

More and more designers are utilizing it as a material in its own right rather than “hiding” behind conventional wall materials. It will take a little imagination, but the results can create a different atmosphere.