What are the best options for kitchen drawers in the current scenario?


Many of us are aware of how much simpler life can be with pullout cabinets in the kitchen. Instead of digging through deep, dark cupboards in search of a saucepan, pan, or bag of chips, you can just slide a table into the light. But, pullouts have more uses than just conventional pantry-style drawers. The operation of your kitchen drawers can be improved by these unique pullouts for objects. Let’s look at some of the best kitchen drawers India, commonly used in households today!

Top choices for Indian households

Narrow pull-out drawer: The surplus bottles and jars can be stored away to keep your kitchen worktops tidy and uncluttered. Vinegars, oils and other cooking tools are kept out of the way but accessible in a pullout cabinet next to the oven. Bonus: The narrow kitchen drawers may fit in a tiny location because of its small footprint.

Pull-out storage cabinet: Pullout shelves installed inside cabinets can make it simple to access goods at the back without having to dig into the entire contents. The fixed shelf on top keeps serving dishes along with large sized cookware, and the raised corners of these drawer shelves keep pantry essentials in place.

Cookware storage drawer: Pans and bulky pots can be accommodated comfortably in the deep drawers underneath the cooktop. The clever two-tiered structure even has a separate pullout for storing lids inside the drawer!

Recycling pull-out storage: Pullout kitchen storage solutions that simplify daily duties are a terrific concept to include if you have the chance to build your kitchen from the ground up. As an example? This handy pullout for recycling. Instead of carrying waste out to the garage every day, it gives a convenient place to keep discarded papers and plastic bottles in a base cabinet.

Toe-kick pull-out storage: Install a drawer in the typically unused toe-kick space to increase storage. Cooling racks, sheet pans as well as other thin flat kitchenware fit perfectly in this narrow space.

Pull-out pantry cabinet: This pullout storage solution can be a useful substitute if you don’t have enough space for a walk-in pantry. A multitude of canned and packaged basics are kept in this roll-out pantry cabinet, which is tucked close to the refrigerator.

Pull-out silverware storage: Use drawer runners in the little spaces between cabinets and appliances. Sheet pans are kept in this kitchen’s narrow drawer next to the oven for extended baking sessions.

Pull-out charging drawer: This next concept will be a hit with tech-savvy families. Put a pullout charging station in a channel for drawer system for a handy place to charge all of your devices. When connecting tablets, phones, and other devices, this one has many USB connections. Adjustable separators keep electronics apart from writing instruments and other office items.

Pull-out pantry storage: Drawer slides make it easier to prevent items from being misplaced in the pantry’s rear. This pantry space, which is housed inside a tall cabinet, has a combination of pull out shelving and stationary, enabling you to customise your configuration to your needs. Another benefit is that the shelves are set up at varying heights to accommodate objects of varied sizes.

Pull-out pans and pots drawer: Using this pullout kitchen storage solution, the strain to find the appropriate saucepan cover will be over. Pans, pots and lids have twice as much room thanks to the two-tiered slide-out mechanism, which also enables you to keep the cookware flat to avoid damage. Employ full-extension drawer slides that can support at least 100 pounds while storing kitchenware.

Microwave drawer: These are space savers and durable. You can     slide out the microwave drawer and access it from the top. It could be used in small apartments because it will keep the machine off the wall or counter. Furthermore, it is believed to be ergonomic for everyone to use.