What are the options for learning the Tajweed Quran online at home?

Tajweed Quran

In Islam, it is Mustahab to try to read the Qur’an in the original language. Many works of real Islamic literature show how important it is to read the Holy Quran. You can read the Quran online from your home. Also, Allah likes it when people recite the Qur’an with a nice voice. The Prophet of Allah stressed how important it was to read the Quran with Tajweed. As Muslims, we learn to read the Quran when we are very young. Arabic is a language with a lot of depth. In Arabic, one word can mean more than one thing. It depends on how you pronounce it.

What does Tajweed mean?

Tajweed is the term for reading the Quran aloud. The Arabic term Tajweed means to beautify or improve. This is the source of the word. The general focus of Tajweed is recitation. It is the complete Qur’an, that is its essence. The karat manufacturing method is very aesthetic. The pronunciation of the words and sentences of the Qur’an is done through a system of rules known as Tajvid.

Why is it necessary to learn the Quran with Tajweed?

The Quran is a gift from Almighty Allah and our Prophet Hz. It is necessary to learn the Qur’an with Tayvid in all worldly and eternal matters. Give you better rewards. No other book in the world contains that thought and essence than the Holy Quran. For us, the Koran was in Arabic. It should be with the correct articulation. We can fully understand the impact of the Quran only by reading with Tajweed. Islam values ​​Tajweed and its importance the most.

Advantages of studying Tajweed online

These are;

  • Finding a complete and comprehensive Quranic Tajweed course online is one of the benefits of learning Tajweed.
  • Online Tajweed classes remove all obstacles and difficulties that prevent Muslims from attending Quran classes. Like conflicts between Tajweed lessons and school lessons.
  • People are more likely to learn the Quran in an interesting and effective way. Resources, tools and techniques used in online Quran research.
  • Most e-learning systems provide tools. It facilitates the teacher’s assessment of the student and consists of a multiple-choice task and test answers. It provides information about the student’s performance and learning speed.
  • For children and younger generations, it is exciting to use modern learning methods. This is one of the main advantages of working online with Tecweed.
  • One of the advantages of learning Tajweed online is that it gives the student freedom of choice. Thousands of memorizers and masters of Tajweed rules.

Ways to learn Quran Tajweed at home;

Choose one Tajweed book per level;

Highly trained teachers have created specific resources to match your level. The book provides the basics to start your educational journey. For example, the transition between classes is smooth. The first step is to identify tajweed and discuss its benefits. Act according to the Basmalah and other important laws such as the laws of Tanween and Noon Sakenah.

Selection of a qualified and experienced trainer.

If you want to learn Tajweed while reading the Quran online. You must have the best tajweed teacher online. As for the first, the teacher must be authorized. It is a testimony that they memorized the Qur’an. Ijazat is that the teacher is qualified to teach the Qur’an to his students. Any task entrusted to a sheikh or a professional teacher should have their commitment. Gradually they need to be ready for the lesson over time. It contains all the questions a Qur’an student might have. They also need to arrive quickly to set up a lesson for the student’s arrival. They should also keep track of the information they provide to the intended student.

Show responsibility;

If students choose to study the Quran online with Tajweed, they are also responsible for it. Students’ participation, concentration, and task completion affect this process. The student must commit to being on time to warm up before class. You must arrive to complete the training program on time. You should be aware that your exclusion will result in a delay. He is like a student of the Qur’an. Therefore, stay away from learning tajweed from the internet.


In addition, just going to the courses is not enough for the process to reach its purpose. Exercise is also necessary. As we know, practice is the key to success in any field of education. Your task after the next lesson is to apply the same examples using the instructions described above and try to select new occurrences from the Qur’an. To Online Quran Classes For Kids, you need to go to a course with a teacher. They put what they have learned into practice.

Last words;

In short, studying the Quran with tajweed is a necessity. Allah Almighty wants us to read it like this. When we read the Quran, we can experience its true essence, peace and spirit.

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