What are the pros and cons of living in Berlin?   

Berlin city in Germany

If you are moving to Germany to study, then Berlin will be at the top of your mind. It is one of the most popular destinations amongst the customers. Although the city has a wide range of things to offer, this European city has some drawbacks too which you need to consider. If you are wondering whether Berlin is apt for you or not, then here are some of the pros and cons which will help you make the decision whether you should stay in student accommodation Berlin.


Lower cost of living

The cost of living in Berlin is lower than other major cities in Germany, and it is also one of the most affordable capital cities across Western Europe. The major expenses comprise renting an apartment, health insurance as well and electricity. The other expense will be groceries, public transportation, entertainment as well as dining out. this is one of the biggest pros of living in this marvelous city. The rent for the student accommodation Berlin is pocket-friendly. 

Great nightlife

For the students who are studying outside their home country, then look for opportunities to make new friends. Inter-mingling is really of prime importance. Berlin is known for its phenomenal nightlife. In addition to it, it is quite inexpensive too so it easily fits into a student’s budget. The bars and clubs over here stay open for a long time and some open after midnight providing the students with some extraordinary experience. Moreover, the beer over here is cheaper than water. You can easily buy beer in grocery stores for as little as 30 cents.

Berlin is a cosmopolitan and multi-cultural city

Here you can come across a great population of about 3.5 million people and this city is quite multicultural. Over a third of the population of Berlin are international which makes this city more lovable. As Berlin has survived the tumultuous times of World War II, it has transformed into the epicenter of politics, economy, and culture that it is today. This city has attracted people from across the globe for traveling and studying. You will find many students in the city. The universities over here are top-notch and also one of the best choices to study. The city has a flourishing cultural scene and here you will more than 50 theatres. Three of them are opera houses and two are symphony halls. 

Quality of education

Germany is renowned for providing students with top-notch quality education. In addition, tuition-free universities also attract students from different parts of the world. German universities have always ranked in the top universities across the world. Berlin is known for having three major universities and the fees charged by the colleges are quite low when compared to other countries across the world. 


It can be hard for creatives and freelancers to get started in this city

Moving to any new city is challenging. You can complete your course but when you will start looking for a job you might find it harder when you are a creative or freelancer. This is true even for a creative city such as Berlin and one of the disadvantages of moving here. You will learn about the bureaucracy which is pretty common in German but doing it all in a foreign language can be tough. Everything from submitting the rental application, signing up with an electricity, gas, or internet provider, getting a driver’s license or even filing taxes can be tough. 

British weather

If you are looking for student accommodation in Berlin, then keep in mind the weather over here. you cannot escape the doom and gloom of the weather here. It is very similar to the UK weather which means you can expect a lot of rainfall and very cold winters. 

Crowded city

As Germany’s capital city, Berlin is home to more than 3.6 million people and thus the city is quite crowded. You will feel the effects of this crowded city at the rush hour. If you do not like the hustle and bustle of the city and if it is something you don’t look forward to, then Berlin may not be the right place for you.