What are Window Shutters and The many Different Types & Styles?

Window Shutters
Window Shutters

Window shutters are, as the name implies, vertical structures something like blinds. A shutter is designed to be slid along a series of vertical slats and be extended out to one side, for both sides in newer models.

Shutters come in many different styles and types with draperies coming in an array of colors.

  • A practical style that is cheaper than you would think
  • Eclectic shutter shades hues
  • The holiday season brings elegance to your windows

Window shutters are a staple of old-school building architecture and are a decorative, security, weatherproofing, and energy-conserving alternative for one ever-growing in popularity.

There are 3 types of window shutters: Traditional Style, Contemporary Style, and Conservatory Style. Window shutters can also differentiate between Semi-Insulated Shutters and Uninsulated Shutters. Semi-insulated shutters have insulation on the outside while uninsulated shutters have no insulation on the inside or outside. There are numerous styles and designs with each type of window shutter so we will break it down by just generically talking about traditional style windows.

Traditional Style – this is the most common style of wooden shutter among architects who prefer to maintain a more classic feel to their properties yet retain some modern-day conveniences like energy conservation through fixtures that block the sun’s rays from coming in the windows.

Looks play a very important role in designing and decorating your living space. Makes your house feel homey and comfortable. Utility room shutters add to the glory of a house.

Window shutters are often used as supplemental or stand-alone fixtures to hide items or provide privacy. They have been around since the early 1700s made of wood, welded steel, or aluminum louvers depending on the style for excellent ventilation some models marketed for use called faux outbursts which look like there is an additional window beyond them when actually just a space filled with shutter tint adding more formality to the architecture of your home, balconies with extremely hot climates, patios, and pools