What are x2shorts ?


X2shorts or SSS Youtube shorts downloader stands for “x2download” combined with “Save Shorts YT“. X2 Shorts is designed to serve everyone’s YT video download needs in a simple and completely free way.


Key features:

  • Download Videos Youtube Free with high quality.
  • Download Youtube shorts videos, on any devices that you want: mobile devices (Android Phones, iPhones, etc.), PC, or tablet.
  • Download YT shorts videos by using your browsers: 
  • It’s free – use the video link to download, put up with a small number of ads, and you are all set.

How to use X2shorts ?

  1. Log in to https://www.youtube.com/shorts/8h4rO_lUHEc and find the video that you would like to download.
  2. Click the “Copy Link” button on Youtube Shorts to copy the video URL.


Open a new tab and browse the website: https://x2shorts.com/

Add the copied URL to the field labeled “Paste Youtube Shorts link here” and click download.

Click one of the “Download”  links to download the video.


Why should I download youtube shorts videos with X2shorts ?

There are tons of reasons why you’d want to use X2shorts . Some users download Youtube shorts videos on X2shorts if the download option isn’t available in the app itself. Meanwhile, there are those who use Youtube Shorts to create videos but they don’t want their username to flash all over the screen if they post it on other social media platforms.


This way, you can still share videos of you participating in Youtube Shorts trends without the worry of people looking up your profile on the app.


X2shorts does not allow any user to infringe copyright, which is a violation of the platform’s policies and may lead to expulsion from the social network. 


Now that you know how to save videos without a watermark from Youtube Shorts and everything you need, you can start sharing your Youtube Shorts videos across social networks.