What are Your Responsibilities as Business Analyst?

Business Analysts Training


Business Analysts are the pillars of support for every business. They help you to explore, promote and manage business data and guide them to boost their success. Business Analysts have varied roles and responsibilities in all organizations. They try to mend the gap between IT and businesses to enhance the functionality of the business. If you look to know more about their role and responsibilities, Business Analysis Online Training can be quite helpful. As a business Analyst, you will need to engage with the stakeholders and the customers to understand the gap between the product and its developers. This basically helps them in promoting real business problems in front of the business leaders to take reasonable actions.

What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is the process of making necessary changes, by identifying desired needs and offering solutions to deliver value to stakeholders.

So, Who is a Business Analyst?

A Business Analyst is an individual who looks after usual Business Analysis functions. Should be well aware of the methods/techniques useful to solve a business requirement. Additionally, learn to use statistical models, machine learning processes, or software development methodologies to get to the end goal. Thus, making the widespread usage of business analysts in multiple contexts.

Business Analyst Responsibilities

A Business Analyst is responsible for the following activities:

These activities are the basic responsibility areas for a Starting-Level Business Analyst. Though you must not be doing all of them every day. The activities may differ on the basis of the stage of the project. Let’s consider different scenarios:

Understand and Document Requirements:

It is a crucial skill for any Business Analyst working in any type of corporate culture. Understanding and analyzing the document list is the most essential step after starting and completing the project. BA’s everyday roles and responsibilities include documenting every key activity. Such as preparing reports, and showing the final results to the stakeholders.  

Make Specifications Document

If any project needs additional inputs from the client’s end, analysts are responsible to convert into simpler and more understandable forms. With the involvement of the technology team, you can assess the impact of the change. Business analysts additionally coordinate with the technical team to observe and assess the changes made in the project or branding. The factors that need monitoring are the cost involved, team effort, client needs, and more.  

Seek Customer Approval

A Business Analyst mainly coordinates with clients and key stakeholders to get their validation. When dealing with the customer, BA takes charge to make any necessary amendments. 

Validate Developed Solution

Business analysts are like the face of the company. They look after the overall structuring, validating areas, and necessary approval of the project.

New Project

A new project is entirely different from an ongoing project. In the case of an upcoming new project, a Business Analyst’s Responsibilities are given below;  

Understand and Document Requirements

Being a Business Analyst, the basic role is to identify what stakeholders require and further communicate these needs to developers. Additionally, communicating the developer’s expectations to stakeholders.

A Business Analyst acts as a valuable member of the software team. However, their basic duty is quite unrelated to the team’s work. It starts by defining what a project requires.

Data modeling is a crucial part of any project process. A Business Analyst looks after creating some useful models to keep everything in line thus resulting in proper project delivery.

Every system has various requirements which require to be fulfilled on time. Further, a business Analyst makes a blueprint of all the necessary requirements and specifications for different domains.

After developing the product, it is tested among different users to check its operating capacity and quality. 


Business Analyst is crucial in working inside an organization. Also, you need to be a strong orator and have the ability to bring people closer to their team and board. However, there’s no one specific position that demands the role of a business analyst. Instead, they look after the business development from the start to the end. Add this expertise to your career with a Business Analysis course in Delhi. It is indeed one of the most prestigious and demanding job positions in today’s world. Hence, make use of this demand and start your career in this domain now.