What Do Our Patients Need To Know About Advancements In The Field Of Cancer Treatment?

cancer hand pose
cancer hand pose

Every year thousands of people lose their lives due to this chronic illness known as cancer Cancer is an unregulated amount of cell movement or division inside the body caused by forming one or multiple tumours.  The ancient practice of Ayurveda fixes the Tridoshas in case of cancer treatment. Ayurveda, also known as the science of life, has been treating its patients through its holistic way of healing, using manuscripts existing since more than 5000 years ago. Hospitals like Punarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospitals are known to be one of the best cancer treatment hospitals in India.

It can’t be negligible that medical science has reached impeccable success. Ayurveda is an ancient practice born out of Indian soil. Instead of fading away with today’s fast-paced time, It has been gaining popularity among the people due to its evolved approach to keeping the core intact. Hospitals like Punarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital have made their name the best cancer hospital in Hyderabad, based on their credibility.

Significant Steps for Healing from Cancer through Ayurveda


This is the first and foremost thing of the healing part. Detoxification of the body includes eliminating all the toxins, radicals, and sulfur that are harmful to the body. Cleansing the external surface of the body through oils and naturally prepared ointments is also a vital part of detoxification. Last but never least is blood purification through herbal supplements and medication made from natural extracts. 


Ayurvedic treatment is customized for cancer, considering many parameters such as the type of cancer, its stage, the condition of the immune system of the sufferer, the patient’s age, and many more. After the purification is completed, a combination of medications is prescribed, considering all the determining factors. This combination of medicines stops the abnormal cell growth from spreading across the body and prevents destroying the good cells, resulting in the restoration of the system. 

These medications have different duration of consumption for different people considering their response to the medication prescribed. Some people might have to go through them for 6 to 1 year. Some might take longer than that, depending on their condition. Sometimes there have to be some changes done in such medicinal treatment processes for which thorough research and investigation are done in the lab regularly to get the best and safest results at the earliest.


 It is basically about restoring the body to its normal and natural state. Cancer completely disrupts the body’s mechanism from the core. It takes a lot of time through rejuvenation steps to heal the internal organs damaged by cancer and get them to function correctly, just like before. Such measures also heal the mind from the traumatic experience caused by this chronic disease. Not only does the physical health that goes through significant issues, but it is also the mental health that goes for a toss. The rejuvenation process includes Rasayana treatment and therapy, which are the keys to getting back to regular life for all cancer survivors. There is a possibility that cancer patients might have to go through the disease again, and there comes Rasayana for the rescue. It eliminates the chances of getting back to the traumatic experience of cancer. 

Importance Of The Balance Between The Body And Mind

Cancer does not only act as a curse in the case of the body but also in the case of the mind. It impacts the physical as well as the mental health and creates an imbalance between both. While the entire body’s immunity goes haywire due to the spread of cancerous cells, mental well-being also goes for a toss dealing with such a traumatic experience. Thanks to the growing awareness among cancer patients and their families, they are seeking medical help not only for the physical part but also seeking for therapy to get the best outcome while surviving it all. It also emphasises healing from the core through a very holistic process, restoring the balance of body and mind.   

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Tips for Cancer Wellness

  • Having a healthy and nutritious diet is very important in the case of Ayurvedic healing. Leafy green veggies and plant-based food help in building strong immunity. Fruits that contain less sugar should be mandatory to be added to your diet plan.
  • Avoiding junk food especially fried or oily food needs to be done as they affect the internal body organs thus making the body weaker. 
  • Vitamin C and D in the for of food and supplements are required for the body in general, especially during cancer or even after going through all the healing steps.
  • Regular exercise is a must! Some light stretching, fast walking, and breathing exercises are necessary to keep the body going. 
  • Even after that, it is very important to continue meditating or doing yoga regularly as it calms the mind and keeps the balance between the body and mind intact.
  • Avoiding fat-based food is very important as they tend to affect the process of prevention of cancer. Also having much fat-based food is not good for health in many ways.  
  • Using natural herbs-based ointments on the outer surface of the body helps eases the pain. 
  • Consumption of green tea is anti-cancerous due to its antioxidant elements.

Knowledge About The Best Places For Treatment

Considering the demand and need, many Ayurvedic cancer hospitals have come up trying to provide the best Ayurvedic cancer treatment in India. It has taken decades to utilize the unexplored areas of Ayurvedic medicine for cancer to its complete form. 

 Every year, thousands of people seek help from hospitals providing the best treatment possible. Even people with advanced stages of cancer have successfully expanded their lifespans through the support of Ayurvedic cancer treatment. Uncountable cancer patients in the initial phase of this chronic illness have managed to cope. The result and the outcome that Ayurvedic cancer hospitals have driven to succeed. 


Hospitals like Pnarjan Ayurvedic Cancer Hospitals have come up with all evolved versions of Ayurvedic treatment in the form of Rsayana Shastra, to fight the battle with chronic illnesses like cancer. Their Ayurvedic healers abide by the lifelong commitment towards their patients and promise them a cancer-free life. It is also known to be the best cancer treatment hospital in Hyderabad.