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What Do You Have – High Arches, Flat Feet, or Something In Between?


Your feet help you move around and provide stability and support to the body. This means understanding your foot type will help you understand the entire body. After all, there can be many functionality problems with your feet that can cause musculoskeletal pain. 

Furthermore, there are specific foot wear like orthotic slippers with a good arch support to help you rectify any functional issue you might have. Buying this footwear from Foot Logic is pretty convenient. You can buy orthotic insoles, sandals, slippers, or thongs as per your preference from their store. 

Understanding your foot arch

Your foot arch supports your body weight when you are standing. Also, the arch plays an important role when you are walking or running. They work with your ligaments, bones, and tendons to create a spring-like function that moves you forward. While walking or running, when your foot touches the ground, your arch absorbs the shock. Also, the connective tissues of your arch store elastic energy, and this energy is released when your foot retreats from the ground. 

When we are born, we have flat feet and the arch develops over some time. A fully formed arch can be one of the following:

Normal arch

This type of arch perfectly supports your body when you are standing and rolls in when you walk or run. Generally, you need not wear any special art support device if you have a normal arch because there is nothing to correct. 

Flat arch

To understand flat arch, simply make your footprint on clean paper. If you see a complete foot with no ‘instep’, this means you have a flat arch. This arch will make your foot roll in excessively. With time, it can cause foot pain, muscle stress, and joint issues in your ankles, knees, and hips. To rectify this situation, it is best if you wear stabilizing arch supports. 

High arch

A high arch can cause muscle pain as well. The pain can travel to your kinetic chain. Besides, while running your feet will not absorb the necessary amount of shock, and this can tire your feet in no time. For a situation like this, podiatrists recommend arch support with plenty of cushioning. 

Can arch support help?

Yes, for sure. Orthotic footwear with arch support is a blessing for individuals with high arch and flat feet. They help in:

  • Absorbing shock
  • Reducing overpronation
  • Improving stability and posture
  • Reducing the load of the Achilles tendon
  • Lessening plantar pressure
  • Improving metatarsal pain
  • Reducing the risk of ulceration for diabetic patients

Your podiatrist will help in customizing arch support as per your specific requirements. You just have to insert them into your footwear and you will experience additional support. You can anytime purchase arch supports over-the-counter, but since they are not specifically designed for you, they won’t work as expected. 

Lastly, learning about your foot type is a great step towards improving your foot ache. Now, since you understand your foot arch, you can look for the right type of solution to relieve the pain, correct functional issues, and improve overall comfort and health.