What does Tawasul (Tawassul) mean?


Tawasul means asking or praying to Allah through something or someone.

The word tawasul in Indonesian we absorb from Arabic tawassul (تَوَسُّل) which is a word formed from the root word wa-sa-la (وَسَل) which means ‘to come close’. The word waslah (وَسِيلَة) means an intermediary or means, something that is considered to be able to help bring two things closer. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary , the word wasilah means ‘bond, relationship, relationship’. Teaching media is called wasâ’il at-ta’lîm because it helps bring students’ understanding closer to the lesson. Social media in Arabic is called wasâ’il at-tawâshul al-ijtimâ’iybecause it helps close the distance of communication between us.

Praying by mentioning our pious deeds is very good for the sake of our request being granted. In a rather long hadith narrated in pre -Islamic times there were three people who took shelter in a cave at the foot of a mountain because of the rain, but then the cave was covered by a large rock that fell from the top of the mountain. They can’t get out. They then prayed by mentioning the pious deeds he had done and hoped that God would open the door of the cave covered with stone. One says he was almost tempted to commit adultery, but then realized and left the bad deed solely because of God. In his prayer he said, “O God, if You see that it is my good deeds (pious deeds) that are sincere because of You, please open the door of this cave through him. The others also mentioned their respective good deeds. Long story short, the door of the cave was finally opened thanks to the wasilah of their respective pious deeds which they mentioned in prayer. Please openShah h Al-Bukhârî ( hadith number 2165) and Shah h Muslim ( hadith number 4926) .

A student once told his story of facing the final exam. Previously he was busy looking for money for his daily living expenses and tuition fees because he had not received any shipments from his parents. He lacked confidence to face the exam because of that condition. However, he did not give up hope. He then prayed to Allah by mentioning his good deeds to someone he had done sincerely, with the hope that Allah would grant his request and make it easier for him in the test thanks to the intercession (wasilah) of that good And, he graduated with a bang.

Prophet Yusuf (as) sent his clothes to his father, Ya’qub (as), through his brothers. Through his clothes, Prophet Yusuf hoped that his father would recover from blindness. This is narrated in a verse whose meaning is as follows:

Go you with this shirt of mine, then wipe it on my father’s face, later he will see (return); and bring your whole family to me.” (Surah Yusuf [12]: 93).

And it is true, as mentioned in the next verse, after the clothes of Prophet Yusuf (as) were rubbed on his father’s face, his father recovered from blindness and could see again.

When the bearer of the good news arrives, wipe (the shirt) on his (Ya’qub) face, then he can see again. He (Ya’qub) said, “Didn’t I tell you that I know from Allah what you do not know.” (Surah Yusuf [12]: 96).

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  1. There is a hadith that is often used as the basis for this tawasul.

It was narrated from Uthman bin Hanif ra that a blind man came to see the Messenger of Allah. and said, “Please pray to God that He will heal me.” The Messenger of Allah replied, “If you want, I will postpone your request, and that is better; but if you want, I pray.” The blind man said, “Pray.” Rasulullah saw. then told him to go take ablution and perform two rak’ahs of sunnah prayer and pray with the pronunciation of this prayer:

Oh God, I ask you, and I turn to you with your Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of Merciful, O Muhammad

Allâhumma innî as’aluka wa atawajjahu ilaika binabiyyika Muhammad nabiyyi ar-rahmah, ya Muhammad innî tawajjahtu bika ila rabbî fî hâjatî hâdzihi fataqdhî lî. Allâhumma syaffi’hu fiyya wa syaffi’nî fîh .

This hadith is narrated by Bukhari in At-Târîkh al-Kabîr , At-Tirmidhi in Al-Jâmi ‘ , Ibn Majah in Sunan Ibn Mâjah , and others. The meaning of the prayer: O Allah, I really beseech You, facing You with (position, intercession, wasilah) of Your Prophet Muhammad, the prophet of mercy. O Muhammad, I have faced my Lord with you in asking for my wish, to be granted. O Allah, intercede for him with me and intercede for me with him.

So, we can pray and pray with the high position of the Prophet Muhammad saw. on the side of God (as the last prophet, the prophet of mercy, the beloved of God, the prophet who is very dear to his people).

Here are some examples of tawassul that I can give. Hopefully enough.

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